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 CNI is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of Acacia gum, an all-natural hydrocolloid used in many food applications as an emulsifier, a mouthfeel enhancer or a film former, while also being an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber.

The combination of extensive manufacturing capacity and experienced raw material sourcing from 15 countries, ensures customers a high degree of global supply assurance and traceability.

 CNI's Acacia gum is FDA GRAS, GMO-free and available with organic certification.

 CNI recently launched Equacia™:

  • A unique nutritional texturizer with clean labeling,
  • The new ideal fat replacer,
  • A well-balanced association of Acacia fibers (soluble fibers) and wheat fibers (gluten-free insoluble fiber).

Equacia™ will add the existing range of nutritional products, already including the Fibregum™ range, which meets the growing demand for safe and natural nutritional ingredients.

 Fibregum™ complies with nutritional ingredient requirements i.e:

  • A sound scientific file,
  • A clear regulatory status,
  • Natural origin
  • No side effects
  • Neutral taste
  • Compatible with industrial processes.

 Clinical studies have demonstrated the nutritional benefits of Fibregum™:

  • low caloric value,
  • non cariogenic,
  • highly functional source of soluble dietary fiber (minimum of 90% fiber guaranteed - dry weight basis, AOAC method),
  • prebiotic effects and positive interactions with probiotics,
  • very well tolerated compared to other dietary fibers.

 Product lines:

  • Equacia™: a nutritional texturizer with clean labeling
  • Fibregum™: a prebiotic soluble dietary fibre with high digestive tolerance and duly proven nutritional benefits
  • Eficacia™: a low dosage 100% Acacia gum emulsifier allowing significant cost reduction
  • Fibregum™ Bio: organic certified Acacia gum
  • Oenogum™: stabiliser, complexing agent for wine
  • Whipgum™: stabilizing/whipping agent for aerated confectionery
  • Instantgum™: a complete range of instant dissolving Acacia gum in agglomerated free-flowing presentation
Company address (main office):

129 Chemin de Croisset
BP 4151

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