Indevex Biotech

Indevex Biotech

Indevex Biotech and NGC™ Formula
Indevex is a scientifically based and privately owned biotech company from Sweden. A natural and reliable partner, providing evidence based natural nutrition concepts based on the patented NGC™ Formula. We offer licenses and/or products to companies that distribute and sell functional foods and nutritional complements. We also supply finished goods directly to our partner’s warehouse with our partner’s own brand name or with the InZone brand when applicable. This model guarantees excellent product quality and minimizes time to market. Based on the NGC™ Formula, we offer ready-made concepts and products.

NGC™ Preload Concept
Preload is a scientifically proven concept to reduce the ingestion of unhealthy/simple carbohydrates and its consequences for plasma glucose, diabetes, weight and metabolic syndrome. A nutrient-rich preload with a low GI given 30 minutes before major meals increases satiety, stabilises low blood sugar and reduces meal sizes, mechanisms which are related to the preload proteins´ effect on digestion. The NGC™ Preload consists of two concepts: Weight Wellness and Diabetes Nutrition.

NGC™ Extra Concept
Nutrient-dense meals based on the NGC™ Formula, plus added energy, for people suffering from risk of malnutrition e.g., patients at hospitals. The elderly and persons suffering from loss of appetite.

NGC™ Healthy Snacks Concept
Nourishing snack meals with low GI based on the NGC™ Formula and added ingredients to form a bar or ready-to-drink product. NGC™ Healthy Snacks are meant for people on the move and used as a snack meal or as a complement to an ordinary meal.