Kappa Ingredients GmbH

Kappa Ingredients GmbH

Kappa Ingredients GmbH, a wholly owned division of Kappa Bioscience, manages global sales of the K2VITAL® and other product lines - Ingredients and services related to Bones, Joints and Cardiovascular Health - directly and through a network of global distributors. Main products are Vitamin K2 - K2VITAL®, Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®, The Bone Health Triangle®. 


>>> Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

>>> Organic plant-source Calcium | AlgaeCal™​ |

>>> Calcium carbonate | PressCAL™​ |

>>> Calcium citrate


>>> Magnesium carbonate | PressMAG™​ |

>>> Magnesium citrate

>>> Magnesium oxide


>>> Vitamin D3

>>> Vitamin K2 MK-7 | K2VITAL®​ |