Kievit: Friesland Foods Kievit


Friesland Foods Kievit is one of the leading companies in the field of micro- encapsulation and spray-drying of food ingredients. Our functional and innovative encapsulated ingredients provide foam, taste, flavour, texture, colour, energy and/or health.

 Kievit: Health and Fats for food and infant formula


  • Nutritional oil powders based on encapsulated LC-PUFAs (ARA, EPA and DHA)
  • Extra stable encapsulated oil powders with high amounts of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids
  • Nutritional oil powders with customer-specific acid profile
  • Basemixes for infant nutrition
  • Encapsulated MCT oil powder
  • Development of creamers for soups, sauces, bakery applications, coffee creamers and cappuccino foamers with healthy fatty acid profile.


Kievit is the right partner for new healthy developments in both food- and infant formulas

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