MARIS EPA/DHA Omega-3 Ingredients

MARIS EPA/DHA Omega-3 Ingredients

Imperial-Oel’s range of MARIS OMEGA-3 ingredients helps making great products healthier, offering all the well-documented benefits of EPA and DHA for the cardiovascular and the nervous system. MARIS OMEGA-3 is manufactured “fresh as sushi”, making use of innovative production technology to reach lowest oxidation levels. 100 % neutral in taste and smell, MARIS OMEGA-3 provides superior sensory properties and stability for food applications.

Omega-3 can be difficult to work with in some food categories. Knowing which kind of ingredient to choose and how and where to add it within the production process, in many cases is the key to a successful omega-3 product development. Imperial-Oel is guiding customers through omega-3 food projects. With our technical support on formulation and process, time and resources for the product development can be efficiently managed. Recent projects include milk, yoghurt, pasta, muesli bars, bread, ready meals, smoothies, supplement, infant formula and others.

This is what MARIS Omega-3 offers:

  • 100 % neutral taste and smell EPA/DHA ingredients
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Various EPA/DHA ratios and contents
  • Customized products available for almost any food and supplement application:
    - natural marine oils and marine/vegetable oil blends
    - powders
    - emulsions
    - nano-emulsion
  • Strong support in formulation and processing, built on over 10 years omega-3 experience
  • Support on regulatory and legal issues
  • World-wide distribution, local support

We would be happy to assist you, creating great EPA/DHA foods and supplements. For further information visit or email us.