Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

We are the largest modified starch company in Japan established in 1919. Using the accumulated and advanced modified starch technologies, we developed the world first soluble dietary fibre derived from starch which is called Fibersol-2.

Fibersol-2 - Unique Water Soluble Dietary Fiber

Fiberbersol-2 is Resistant Dextrin, which has well developed branched chemical structure resistant to human digestive enzymes, due to that it reaches the large intestine and it is partially fermented there and this enhances growth of beneficial bacteria and provides healthy intestine and healthy body.


1-Physical and chemical properties:

- Extremely low viscosity((only 15 cps at 30% solution) with excellent dispersion properties.

- No odor, almost no sweetness.(only 10% relative to sucrose)

- Transparent in all solutions

- Very high stability to heat and low pH condition.


2-Physiological characteristics:

- Improves intestinal regularity and gut health.

- Moderates post-prandial rise in blood glucose levels if taken with meal or carbohydrates.

- Moderates post-prandial triglyceride levels if taken with high fat meal.

- No flatulence because Fibersol-2 ferments slowly in the large intestine.


3-Taste & Quality Improvements (As additional benefits)

-  Gives body (beverage)

-  Makes rich in taste (dairy)

-  Improves shelf-life by retaining moisture (bars, bakery)

-  Masks unpleasant after-taste of high intensity sweeteners

-  Prevents cream-down (tannin & caffeine in tea)


4-Legal aspects:

- This is NOT categorized as Novel Food (i.e. it is traditional food ingredient) in EU.

- In the U.S. it is GRAS maltodextrins (obtained confirmation letter from FDA)

- Caloric value is 2.0Kcal/gram (according to EU regulations)