Naturalin: Natural Ingredients/Fruit&Vegetable Powder Supplier.

Naturalin: Natural Ingredients/Fruit&Vegetable Powder Supplier.

Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer focusing on Botanicals Extract, Fruit&Vegetable Powder, TCM Herbs and Customizing ingredients based on your formula for innovative solutions: Nutrition(APIs)/ Food Additive/ Personal Care/Animal Additives.

Top Ingredients:​

·Mushroom Extract: Ganoderma, Cordyceps, Chaga Mushroom, Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract. Milled powder, TCM material. Organic. Annual Export 100 tons+.

·Fruit Powder: 100% natural without the use of anti-caking agents or any other additives.

·Rosemary Extract: Own Planting base. Deodorized & decolorized are available.

·Echinacea Extract: Naturalin is the main unit that formulates the echinacea extract standards of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products.

·Ginseng Extract: EU standards--5%~40% Ginsenosides by HPLC; 80% Ginsenosides by UV; Water soluble.

·Olive Leaf Extract: 20%~40% Oleuropein; 10% Hydroxytyrosol; Conform to EU standards.

·Hedera Helix Extract/ Ivy Extract: 10% Hederacoside C; Pesticides residues, heavy metals and ETO comply with EU standard.

·White Kidney Bean Extract: A-amylase inhibitor NLT 1000; 1% Phaseolin; Tablet Confectionery Ingredients.

·Mangosteen Extract: 10% α-Mangostin; Industry chain management.

·Cranberry Extract: 10%-25% PAC; North America Raw Materials.

·Green Tea Extract: Powder; Regulate the color, aroma and taste.

·Soapnut Extract: 70% Saponins; Natural Foaming Ingredient. Good stability, low cost.

·Tea Seed Extract: 90% Tea Saponin; Natural Non-ionic Surfactant. Good emulsion, dispersion, and the nature of the foam.

·Eucommia Leaves Extract: 5%-98% Chlorogenic Acid; Natural, green and safe, No residue, No resistance.

·Yucca Extract: 30%-60% Yucca Saponins. Versatility, reduce feed costs.

The best ingredients can only come from the finest raw materials and manufacturing process controlling.​

·Patent product

·23300㎡ factory/ Planting base/ Industry chain management.

·Strict Quality Control on Foreign matters, Heavy Metals, Micro-organism & Pesticides Residue, etc.

·Meet CP, USP, USDA & EU Organic standard, TC Cert.

·Non GMO, Gluten free, Vegan.

·Third party testing: Eurofins, SGS, NSF.

·Provide customized product service.

Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life.​

Naturalin is committed to developing innovative Natural Ingredients, supplying safe and high quality products and making contribution to human Health and well-being.