Network Nutrition

Network Nutrition

Network Nutrition is an Australian grown company. It is the only one of its kind that truly specialises in plant derived, natural, healthcare ingredients. It is the company that sits behind a significant majority of the herbal extracts taken every day by consumers around the globe.

Network Nutrition is one of the worlds' fastest growing ingredients companies. Winning a multitude of awards for concept and product innovation, the company sets the benchmark for herbal ingredient quality. It is extremely well positioned to fulfil its quality promise across the globe, with offices in Europe, China, and an international head office in Sydney, Australia.

The company is built on a rock solid foundation that includes technical expertise, customer attentiveness, exploration, and innovation. Network Nutrition invokes the strictest supply chain controls, delivering transparency, traceability, and consistency to the ingredients that are used by the best known natural healthcare brands.

Network Nutrition controls the quality process from the grower of the medicinal herb, until the time the final herbal extract reaches its customers' warehouse doors. It provides high-level after sales support to assist its customers unlock maximum value from its products.

Network Nutrition is continually striving for innovative ways to improve herbal identification and consistency. As a company, it has developed ground breaking processes of herbal identification which they’re building into more and more ingredients.

The company, known as "The Extract People", continues to set new benchmarks in the supply of reliable, quality, plant-derived healthcare ingredients. Investment in education and research is a pillar of Network Nutrition’s success.

Through these measures, Network Nutrition is relied upon as an ingredient partner who is uncompromising in protecting the integrity of the plant extracts it provides.

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