Nutri-Pea Limited

Nutri Pea Limited

Nutri-Pea Limited​ is a Canadian company dedicated to the manufacturing of pea protein from yellow peas. Pea protein has been the business of this Canadian production facility for decades and as such the company has a long reputation of providing consistent, stable and long-term supply worldwide. Whether small local food processors or large multinational food companies, Nutri-Pea Limited values the relationship with all their customers and is therefore committed to pursuing the highest quality and continued improvement of their ingredients.

The company’s Propulse™ Pea Protein line offers product designers an easy means of vegetable protein enrichment. Propulse™ is a high-quality protein with digestibility comparable to the best animal proteins. Propulse™ has an excellent amino acid balance, low allergenicity profile and exceeds Prop 65 requirements. With its new and improved flavor profile, nudging it above the competition, Propulse™ ranks as the premiere source of pea protein out in the market.


Nutri-Pea Limited’s line of IMPROVED FLAVOR pea protein ingredients include:








Nutri‐Pea Limited’s manufacturing process is one in which customers can have confidence. There is no use of GMO ingredients, solvents, irradiation or chemical modification. Other ingredients produced and supplied by Nutri-Pea Limited include: pea starch, inner pea fiber, outer pea hull fiber.