Olympic Seafood AS

Olympic Seafood AS focuses exclusively on Antarctic krill ingredients for consumer applications. The company has grown their capacity to secure a stable supply and is currently expanding its international presence.


The flagship brand, the Rimfrost Krill Collection​ is comprised of:

  • Rimfrost Genuine – Antarctic krill meal: ​The unadulterated and minimally processed wholefood form of krill. Dense in omega-3 phospholipids and other marine nutrients.
  • Rimfrost Pristine – Antarctic krill powder: ​The novel source of krill’s nutrients in a versatile powder form. Contains krill’s omega-3 phospholipids, peptides and antioxidants.
  • Rimfrost Sublime – Antarctic krill oil: ​The efficient and concentrated krill oil with clear red colour and characteristic low odour. Contains krill’s omega-3 phospholipids and a high level of astaxanthin.


Olympic Seafood is located on the Western Coast of Norway, in Fosnavåg, a place known for its fishermen and maritime traditions. True to its roots, Olympic Seafood takes great pride in its specialized krill-collecting vessel, ‘Juvel’, which operates on the Antarctic Ocean. ‘Juvel’ aims for low emissions, low energy use and low climate impact.

The proprietary technology on-board allows minimal and rapid processing to safeguard the natural and intrinsic goodness of krill. The vessel is certified by Friend of the Sea and can guarantee 100% traceability.


The difference is clear. ​Please contact our sales & marketing team for further information.