Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.

Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd.

Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd. (PDOB) was established 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan, with the mission to globally realize the commercial opportunities from deep ocean minerals using the new manufacturing technologies and recent clinical research endorsing significant health and nutrient benefits.

First task has been to fund further science to validate the health and nutritional activity of minerals and trace elements extracted and concentrated from deep ocean water sourced off the east coast of Taiwan.  Second task has involved the ongoing international commercialization of Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) for its significant nutritional impact upon both health and agriculture.

The Chairman of PDOB is HT Chen, who brings over thirty years of business experience in finance including the successful listing of several companies.  HT Chen has had an active involvement with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the leading nonprofit R&D organization in Taiwan, engaged in applied research and technical services including the development work for the deep ocean water industry.  Chen co-founded PDOB, having seen the opportunity to integrate the emerging DEEP OCEAN WATER experts, companies and R&D teams to achieve a competitive advantage in this newly emerging field.

Combining industry skills and knowledge is very important for PDOB with its complex engineering processes required to pump deep ocean sea water many kilometers under enormous pressures to the coastline where it can be quality controlled, and the minerals concentrated using technologies commercialized over many years under his business guidance.

Kevin Hu, President of Wedar Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a key industry leader is also a PDOB board director and chief operations officer. He leads the company, using the success and experience gained from building new enterprises in the USA, China and Taiwan.

Anthony Jacobs, Chairman of Pharmalink Extracts Europe GmbH is also a board member and responsible for strategic international commercialization of PBOB products.  Jacobs has successfully branded and marketed many new food and nutritional ingredients in Europe, Asia, and the USA.  

Jacobs and Hu with their Biochemistry background, both share many years of working together to strategically build strong science to validate their product claims. They have organized the funding of many clinical studies and have been designated to similarly drive PBOB forwards.  Leading researchers at universities in Taiwan, USA and the UK with placebo controlled clinical trials using deep ocean minerals supports these clinical studies. The results consistently show statistically significant improvements related to physical and mental fatigue, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, reduced glucose intolerance, and increased life span.

PDOB Deep Ocean Minerals are already being marketed as ingredients in vitality beverages like Little Big Shot, as mineral supplement concentrates, and for addition to other foods and beverages including tea, coffee and noodles.

PDOB sources deep ocean water from both Taitung and Hualien on the east coast of Taiwan and are applying for further rights to extend piping north of Hualien.  Taiwan has the best coastal access to deep ocean water, which originates from the northern Greenland Artic region and travels for nearly 2000 years before dissipating into the southern Pacific.

The deep sea water is pumped to shore from a depth of over 600 meters where it is filtered, vacuum heated and desalinated using reverse osmosis to increase mineral concentrations by up to 350 times.  This liquid ocean mineral concentrate can be profiled according to application and has recently been successfully processed into a soluble powder.

PDOB is positioned to take advantage of the growing recognition of minerals and trace elements for nutrition, sports performance, skin care, agriculture, and micro algae production.

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