Rosenrot Norge AS

Rosenrot Norge AS

Rosenrot Norge Ltd. (golden root, arctic root) are growing and producing the herb rhodiola rosea in the northern region of Norway. Based on research and development the company manufactures functional and nutritional ingredients for external producers. Interested distributors can choose from four developed brands.

 Our first product was released in February 2004 and is in the same category as ginseng and other energy products. Rosenrot is already the market leader in Norway - we have taken a 50% market share of ginseng - and are quickly gaining foothold throughout Europe.

The Norwegian herb Rhodiola rosea is the basis for Rosenrot Norge's work with developing herbs for natural medicine, health products, cosmetics and other plant based products.

Rosenrot Norge's aim is to develop and deliver quality natural health products that contribute to a fuller and more active life for people of all ages.

We are seeking European producers and distributors for our raw material and brands. Our goal is to develop distribution into health shops, pharmacies, supermarkets with the best distributor partners in each country.

Product List:

  • Rosenrot Tablets
  • Rosenrot Tincture
  • Raw material from Rhodiola rosea
  • Brenncell
  • Lyst