S. Black

S. Black

S. Black is a leading independent specialist in the sales, marketing and technical support of innovative ingredients for healthcare and nutraceuticals.

Representing top-class manufacturers at the forefront of new developments, outstanding technical help, novel application ideas, advice on international legislation and immediate sample delivery is offered.

Our clinically proven natural anti-oxidants, nutritional lipids and other specialist nutraceuticals are supported by comprehensive support packages that have been the subject of international research in peer reviewed scientific journals.

In-house creative expertise to incorporate flavours and colours into normal, enteric and moisture shield tablet coating applications is available.

Superfruits & Veg:

Many Europeans consume less than the recommended 5-a-day fruit and vegetables. Futureceuticals' high ORAC Super Fruits & Veg offers consumers a way to supplement their diet with all-natural, all-fruit products that can combat oxidative stress and resultant oxidative damage caused by free radicals in a convenient format. Varieties include: grape seed & skin extracts, blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry, proprietary Vita™ Berry and Vita™ Veggie blends.

Natural Anti-oxidants:
Zeaxanthin, Lutein in Free & Ester forms. Free Lutein available in cold water dispersible and cold water soluble variations). Highly bio-available Coenzyme Q10, Super Fruits and Super Vegetables, Botanicals.

Women's Health:
NEW slow release Soy Isoflavones, highly bio-available Calcium, Vitamin K2 mk7, Mineral Gluconates including Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, K, encapsulated Iron and Phytosterols.

Cognitive/Heart Health:
Fish and vegetable derived Omega 3 including directly compressible Omega 3 beadlets, Phosphatidylserine/DHA, Phosphatidylserine in liquid, powder and suspension form, Oat Bran naturally rich in beta glucans.

Natural flavours, encapsulated flavours that withstand direct compression, two-in-one flavours, pharmaceutical grade flavours, spray dried and liquid flavours.

Tableting/Coating Aids:
Film coatings for tablets, aqueous shellac, directly compressible chewable excipients, lubricants, anti-caking and thickening agents, Candurin® pearl lustre pigments, sugar- free syrups for suspensions.

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