Synergy Production Laboratories

Synergy Production Laboratories

The award-winning Synergy Production Laboratories™ (SPL) is internationally recognized for its ongoing achievements in raising the quality bar for raw material supply. Thirty years of research and the creation of its innovative, proprietary technologies and groundbreaking raw materials have made SPL a trendsetter when it comes to certified organic, kosher, and whole-food nutraceutical and functional food ingredients. SPL is a grower, processor, and supplier of 100% natural, certified organic and bioactive ingredients -making it a totally integrated supplier.

Through its extensive research, significant investment, and creativity in product development, SPL offers an extensive array of certified organic ingredients to the nutraceutical and functional food industries. With its impeccable products, ethical business practices, commitment to its customers, comprehensive environmental sustainability programs, and drive to excel, the company embodies the vision of its founder and CEO, Mitchell May, PhD.

Dr. May developed the Synergized®​ raw materials brand protocol. This demanding standard includes heirloom seed selection and organic cultivation, proprietary fresh freeze-drying, SPL's innovative CO2 cold-temperature-drying technology, state-of-the-art natural concentration techniques, rigorous QC testing, and oxygen-barrier vacuum-packaging technologies. All Synergized®​ processes optimize and retain the bioactive potencies of fresh-processed plant materials.

SPL is directly responsible for more than 2,000 acres of organic agriculture/aquaculture, with over 4,000,000 kilograms of certified organic and freshly harvested raw materials and well over 300,000 kilograms of its Synergized®​ certified organic finished ingredient powders distributed globally each year.

SPL's extremely versatile Synergized®​ ingredients are ideal for powdered drink mixes, smoothie mixes, tablets, capsules, food bars, and cosmetics.