TNO - Innovation for Life

TNO is an independent research organization based in the Netherlands. Together with our clients we work on sustainable innovations to make the industry more competitive and improve the welfare of our society. At TNO more than 4000 professionals apply science to solve problems concerning global scarcity.

One of the innovation areas of TNO is Food and Nutrition. Within this area TNO works on:

  • the development of new concepts to physiologically quantify health effects of ingredients, to understand physiological pathways using systems biology and to gain insight in the relation between food, overweight and intestinal health;
  • the development of integrated approach (formulation, product and process) to optimize the quality parameters (taste, texture, shelf life)of food;
  • the development of new predictable methods to quickly establish the risks of complex food products containing large amounts of unknown compounds and new proteins of allergenicity and tools that enable the early warning of hazards for (inter) national food safety.