Vitatene DSM

Vitatene is a Spanish company, belonging to Antibioticos Group​, and focused on production and formulation of Natural Carotenoids. 
 Antibioticos' 100 years knowledge of fermentation processes have led to the start up of a new dedicated plant to produce natural carotenoids in an innovative way. 
 Thanks to this strong know-how, Vitatene succeeded in building up a unique technology which enables it to obtain 100% natural carotenoids​, formulated in 100% vegetal matrix. 
 Vitatene's BETANAT®​ (Natural Beta-Carotene) and LYCONAT®​ (Natural Lycopene) derive from a natural fermentative process which involves a fungus, the Blakeslea Trispora​. With the increase of the demand for natural products from consumers, Vitatene offers all manufacturers a powerful tool to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. 
 Product Line:​ 
 - Betanat Cold water dispersible (tabletting and colouring) 1%, 10%, 20% 
 - Betanat Oil Suspension 30% 
 - Lyconat Cold Water dispersible 5%, 10% 
 - Lyconat Oil Suspension 6%, 10%, 15%. 
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