Backed by the expertise of Volac International, a world leader in high performance nutritional products, Volactive has developed a unique range of whey protein ingredients for the sport and health food markets.

The Volactive Ultra Whey range is produced using the latest membrane filtration and spray drying technology. The process utilizes low temperature and pressure in order to preserve the protein integrity and thus optimize the nutritional value and physical properties of the protein. A commitment to processing innovation means that there is continual investment in R&D and technical resource ensuring that we remain at the forefront of these technologies.

The purpose built factories in the UK and the Netherlands enable a rapid response to orders and we are always available to provide expert advice and provide technical support.

The Volactive Ultra Whey range includes whey protein isolates and concentrates designed to suit a wide range of different nutritional applications. Our products are sold throughout the world, providing protein enrichment in a wide range of market applications, including drinks, bars and food supplements. We take pride in our ability to develop strong partnerships with our customers, which provide mutual benefit by developing outstanding products that meet the market requirements.

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