Wild: Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG

Wild Flavours

 In 1931, Rudolf Wild founded the WILD company in Heidelberg, Germany, with the vision to produce non-alcoholic beverages exclusively from natural ingredients. Today, after nearly 75 years, WILD is the largest privately owned supplier of natural flavor ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

 Besides activities in the fields of consumer products and process technology, the focal point of the company is its ingredients business. WILD's product range for natural flavor ingredients encompasses flavor systems, flavors and extracts as well as fruit and vegetable preparations. Furthermore, the company produces colors, concentrates, sweetening systems and specialty ingredients such as functional flavors and flavor keys.

 Product lines:

 Product range beverages:

 Flavor systems, flavor packs, flavors, extracts, concentrates, natural colors, sweetening systems

 Product range dairy and ice cream:

 Fruit preparations, flavors and natural colors, chocolate and caramel products, juice preparations and flavor systems

 Product range bakery and confectionary:

 Flavors, natural colors, flavor systems, fruit fillings, fruit powders

 Product range cereals and snacks:

 Flavors, natural colors, dairy powders, flavor enhancers, seasoning systems

 Product range meat and savory:

 MTS™ flavors (meat, poultry, seafood, roasted vegetables), flavor enhancers, spice mixes