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Thousands sign petition demanding Holland & Barrett store closures

By Nikki Hancocks

Holland & Barrett staff have set up a petition, signed by thousands of staff and customers, begging the company to close its stores during the coronavirus pandemic as they argue their lives and the lives of customers are being put at risk.

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Anonymously voice your opinions … and you could win an iPad!

NutraIngredients sports nutrition market survey: Three days left to have your say

By Robert Rose

While the sports nutrition market appears to be booming, it is important to keep reality in check. In our first ever sports nutrition survey we ask how market forces, regulations, and innovation are impacting the market. There's just three days left...


Your Voice Matters

Have your say today: NutraIngredients state of the industry survey

By Nathan Gray

Which consumer trends will be important for your business? Are European markets too fragmented? What is in store for your category? How are EU rules affecting your prospects? To gauge our readers’ views on these – and many more questions - NutraIngredients...

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ESSNA: 'It is the sad reality that DMAA is widely available'

DMAA sighted in Denmark

By Emma Jane Cash

Long withdrawn DMAA-containing pre-workout supplement Jack3d has been targeted by the Danish Food Administration (DFA) after it was alerted to internet and Facebook sales.

Sports supplements: Doping culprits or doping scapegoats? ©iStock

Supplement shaming wins first Olympic gold medal


It didn’t take long for a dope-busted Olympic athlete to blame a contaminated food supplement for his infringement and sportsmen and sports bodies to jump into the fray with ‘see? you just can’t trust supplements’ missives.

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Which supplements were blocked at the EU borders this month?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

This month on the EU’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) we saw evidence that the notorious banned substance DMAA is still in circulation, authorities are keeping an eyes on raspberry ketones and asthma drug ephedrine is being smuggled into...

Last month two batches of supplements were blocked due to the banned ingredient aegeline, which has been linked to cases of liver damage

Is aegeline still at large in the EU?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Two shipments of aegeline were blocked last month at the EU borders – begging the questions, is this illicit substance still at large and if so what should be done to stop it?  

Give me commercial casualties over human casualties any day, argues NutraIngredient's Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

How transparent is the EU when it comes to supplement scares?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Europe has various measures in place to report risky supplements – but it’s questionable if these warnings ever make it outside the closed circuit of national authorities. This lack of complete information is to the detriment of both consumer safety and...

Back in the game: CAS agrees Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle's DMAA doping infringement was most likely caused by a contaminated foodstuff

DMAA doping or contamination?

Food supplements fingered as German doping ban reduced


A German Winter Olympian has had her doping ban reduced from two years to six months, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), agreed the DMAA in her system had likely come from a contaminated food supplement.

Sochi doping bust: German biathlete Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (pictured) blames supplements but ESSNA says, “Athletes continue to talk tosh about contaminated supplements”

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Offside! ESSNA blows whistle on athletes’ doping excuses


Europe’s sports nutrition sector today launched a stinging attack on elite athletes who blame doping infringements on contaminated sports supplements as happened multiple times at the recent Winter Olympiad in Sochi, Russia.

One more time: US Army/ NSF analysis shows DMAA not in geranium


A new analysis from US Army scientists and NSF International finds, yet again, that controversial compound DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine) is not found in geranium. The analysis supports FDA conclusions that the evidence is ‘insufficient’ to support the...

DMAA blamed for London marathon death

DMAA in the dock

DMAA blamed for London marathon death


A single dose of the banned stimulant DMAA was the most probable cause of the heart attack that killed Claire Squires in hospital after she collapsed during the final metres of the 2012 London marathon.

USPLabs sets aside $2m to settle DMAA class action cases

USPLabs sets aside $2m to settle DMAA class action cases

By Elaine WATSON

After a tidal wave of lawsuits and months of heated debate about the regulatory status of the stimulant DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine), USPLabs has agreed to settle a nationwide class action suit challenging the legality and safety of its top-selling DMAA...

DMAA not in geranium, says yet another study

DMAA not in geranium, says yet another study

By Stephen Daniells

Guess what? DMAA is not found in extracts from four different species of geranium and three cultivars, and the ingredient in a leading dietary supplement is probably synthetic, says a new analysis from Italian researchers.

Spain and the Netherlands warn against DMAA

Spain and the Netherlands warn against DMAA

By Shane Starling

Spanish and Dutch authorities have added to the growing list of countries issuing warnings against the pre-workout and weight loss stimulant, DMAA (dimethylamylimine/ methylhexanamine).

Jacked in: The game is up for DMAA products like Jack3D in the UK

UK wins Jack3D appeal and bans DMAA

By Shane Starling

The UK has ended months of ambiguity by banning controversial stimulant DMAA, after its medicines agency won an appeal against a retailer of the most popular brand – USPlabs’ Jack3D.

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