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Guest column, chief executive of Elixinol and Hemp Foods Australia

The increasing role of cannabinoids in pain relief

By Paul Benhaim,

Once forgotten, cannabinoids and their medicinal benefits have recently been thrust back into the spotlight, in particular for their abilities to relieve often otherwise untreatable pain. 

Will Australia and New Zealand join Europe, Canada and the US by authorising hemp foods?

Australia ponders legalising hemp foods

By Shane Starling

Australian regulators are considering allowing non-psychoactive versions of fatty acid and nutrient-rich hemp into the food supply and have opened a public consultation on the matter.

Marijuana drug hits new highs

Marijuana drug hits new highs

US researchers are developing a marijuana-derived synthetic
compound to relieve pain and inflammation without the mood-altering
side-effects associated with other marijuana-based drugs.
Scientists believe that the drug could eventually...


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