European Commission

EU hails ground-breaking nano definition

EU hails ground-breaking nano definition

By Rory Harrington

The European Commission said its newly unveiled common nanomaterial definition will provide a basis for clear regulation that will boost industry’s ability to develop products while safeguarding consumers.

EHPM is delighted to have been invited onto a key EC committee

Health claims on agenda as EHPM joins EC committee

By Shane Starling

The European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM) says it will attempt to address its many health claim concerns after being invited to join an important European Commission committee.

British MEP Glenis Willmott has not given up on blocking claims such as this one on infant foods despite EFSA, the EC and the EP approving them

MEP takes DHA omega-3 claim complaint back to the Commission

By Shane Starling

British Labour Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Glenis Willmott, is writing to the European Commission to block a DHA eye development claim being used on infant follow-on formula products, after the EP last week failed to veto the claim.

Some MEPs are calling for a revision of DHA-infant ye development claims

MEPs question omega-3 baby milk benefits

By Shane Starling

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are questioning whether omega-3 form DHA can benefit infant eye sight, despite the nutrient winning endorsement from one of the world’s toughest claims assessment agencies – the European Food Safety Authority...

Could pre-health claim submission meetings actually save resources?

Probiotics industry unites over EFSA claims treatment

By Shane Starling

Four groups with an interest in pre- and probiotics will today send a letter to the European Commission and European Food Safety Authority spelling out their ongoing concerns with the European Union health claims system that, to date, has unanimously...

Salminen: Hard to reach a 'constructive' end result

NDA: EC gave inadequate guidance on health claims

By Elaine Watson

The depressingly high rejection rate for ‘article 13.1’ health claims is hardly surprising given the nature of the submission process, according to one member of the expert panel tasked with assessing them.


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