Gut Microbiota


Nestlé invests €9m in microbiome research

By Lynda Searby

Nestlé and Imperial College London (ICL) are kicking off their new nutritional science partnership by investigating how fibre consumption can improve metabolic health, mental performance and digestive health in seniors.

Preserving the delicate balance between the gut microbiota and the host is a life long task in order to maintain good health. ©

Special edition: Microbiome metrics & advances

Negotiating the balance: The host-microbiota relationship

By Will Chu

Insights into the gut microbiome in recent years have greatly accelerated our understanding of the role the gastrointestinal tract has in human health, well-being and disease outcomes.

Children with Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS) – a genetic condition that predisposes them to obesity – had similar microbial populations as children with ‘simple’ obesity caused by their lifestyles. Image: © iStockPhoto / Kenishirotie

Prebiotics improve gut microbiota in obese kids: Study

By Stephen Daniells

A prebiotic-rich diet may shift the gut microbiota profiles of obese children to a more beneficial profile, regardless of whether the obesity was related to lifestyle or genetics, says a study from an international team of researchers.


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