Hemp is the new superfood for vitamins and omega-3

Not just for hippies: Hemp's rising superfood status

By RJ Whitehead

Bursting with nutrients and boasting an impressive growth rate, the future of hemp seed is bright– but what’s the best way for manufacturers to cash in on a product that is connected – mistakenly but understandably – with an illegal drug?

Destination China for Australian hemp

Destination China for Australian hemp

By Rei Rengsen Siew Lin

China might be one of the world’s biggest producers of hemp, but the quality of the crop is low compared to Australian imports, according to one of the first hemp farmers Down Under.

Oz, NZ get first-step approval for hemp in food

Oz, NZ get first-step approval for hemp in food

By RJ Whitehead

The decision by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to approve the use of hemp products containing low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the production of food has received widespread approval since its announcement earlier this month.

Will Australia and New Zealand join Europe, Canada and the US by authorising hemp foods?

Australia ponders legalising hemp foods

By Shane Starling

Australian regulators are considering allowing non-psychoactive versions of fatty acid and nutrient-rich hemp into the food supply and have opened a public consultation on the matter.


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