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Whey found superior to pea protein in older adults

By Nikki Hancocks

Whey, but not pea, protein significantly attenuates exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) following long-distance walking in older adults, likely due to the difference in leucine levels, according to new research.

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Startup Spotlight

Doctor diagnosed with MS creates 'powerful' immunity plant powders

By Nikki Hancocks

An award-winning nutrition researcher who was diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis (MS) aged 15 has taken inspiration from his life's research and personal experience to create a polyphenol-packed plant powder brand called Phytaphix.

Kew Gardens: The next superfruit could be in your back garden

Kew Gardens: The next superfruit could be in your back garden

By Elaine Watson

Plants native to the British Isles from wild raspberries and elderflowers to seaweed could prove just as exciting to food developers as the exotic flora and fauna of South America and Africa, according to experts at Kew Gardens.

New flax lignan hits US market

New flax lignan hits US market

By Lorraine Heller

Cactus Botanics has launched a new flax seed lignan ingredient in
the North American market, which it hopes will help address a
growing consumer focus on a number of health conditions, including
prostate and heart health.


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