Sports Nutrition

Does optimising performance and health via training and nutrition make illegal substance abuse more likely?

ESSNA: “Thousands of people engaging in sport and activity at all levels use and benefit from legal sports nutrition products."

Euro sports nutrition sector: Supplements no gateway to doping


Consuming sports supplements is not a step on the slippery slope to doping, the European sports nutrition sector has said in response to a US sports coach turned whistle blower who questioned their use.

$5.9 bn US sports nutrition market unlocking mass appeal: Euromonitor

$5.9 bn US sports nutrition market unlocking mass appeal: Euromonitor

By Maggie Hennessy

Buoyed by the continued rise of protein as a super-nutrient and a growing urgency around better fitness to stave off lifestyle diseases, sports nutrition is attracting a wider audience of consumers, according to “Trends and Developments in Sports Nutrition”...

The fastest growing consumer group were ‘lifestyle users’, making a transition into a more active life, according to ESSNA.

Special edition: Inside Europe's food supplement markets

Sports nutrition in Europe - market analysis

By Anna Bonar

European sports supplements market is predicted to grow by 2.3% a year to 2018 as product awareness rises, say analysts.


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