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Sugar substitute may aid diabetics with better blood sugar management: Study

Palatinose (isomaltulose) may offer a viable alternative to sugar as new research suggests this low glycaemic carbohydrate is more effective in reducing insulin secretion and lowering blood glucose fluctuations.

Palatinose (isomaltulose) may offer better control of blood glucose fluctuations and a reduction in insulin secretion that may benefit diabetics.(©
Brexit impact

Brexit: first sign of a ‘hit to jobs’: IoD survey

The first signs of Brexit’s short-term impact on the UK economy were highlighted in a survey from the Institute of Directors (IoD), which revealed nearly two-thirds (64%) of IoD members thought that quitting the EU would be negative for their business.

Long chain inulin & chitosan offer probiotic protection: Study

A coating of long chain inulin and chitosan could offer better protection for probiotics in the gut, say researchers.

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Walnut properties cracked as nut linked to healthy ageing

The nutritional properties of walnuts are again under the spotlight as a review points to the nut’s omega-3 content as a factor in reducing the risk of developing physical impairments in old age.

Eastern promise: Is Central and Eastern Europe the solution to EU’s unsustainable soy imports?

Europe’s problematic reliance on “unsustainable” soy imports could be solved using Central and Eastern European farming land, the European Commission heard last week.

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