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Milk found to raise children’s vitamin D level: study

Children who drink at least three glasses of milk per day had a higher serum vitamin D level than their peers who drink milk in lesser amounts, a new study has found.

The study, conducted in Finland, is particularly relevant among children from Nordic countries, who are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency due to long and dark winters.(©
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BASF hikes vitamin A prices by 20%

German chemical giant BASF has announced it will increase vitamin A prices by 20% globally.

EFSA update: Fully defining microbiota cause-and-effect

Microbiota changes should be linked to physiological or clinical outcomes of which a direct effect on human health can be attributed to a specific mechanism of action.

Arla to cut 500 jobs in efficiency plan

Arla Foods is planning to cut 500 jobs across its business, as part of structural changes designed to make the business more energy efficient and globally focused.