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Epicor®: New published research shows beneficial modulation of the gut microbiome

Gee Lawson Ltd. | 18-Sep-2017 | PDF Research study
EpiCor® has over 10 years of success in the USA due to its various scientifically proven benefits.EpiCor® is a natural, whole food fermen...

Cultivate your Probiotics Performance

Capsugel | 15-Sep-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Consumers are quickly adopting probiotic supplements to maintain their well-being as they become more aware of the numerous health benefi...

UAS Labs' Probiotic Superstrain Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242 (LRC™) for Heart Health Benefits

UAS Labs | 13-Sep-2017 | Video Video
UAS Labs superstrain Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242, or LRC™, is a superhero. It is the world's most effective and clinically document...


Tate & Lyle | 31-Jul-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
As consumers around the world seek out foods with added health benefits, fibre has become particularly popular. However, many consumers c...

MicrobiomeX®, first-in-class flavobiotic for gut barrier and immune support

BioActor | 24-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
MicrobiomeX® is a first in class Flavobiotic developed for gut barrier and immune support. This all-natural ingredient consisting of two...

Biootic™ , the probiotic yeast for health

Gnosis USA Inc. | 24-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Probiotics can have beneficial effects on several microbial disorders of the gut. Biootic™, S. boulardii, is recommended to restore GI ba...

BioEcolians®, a proven solution for digestive health

Solabia | 11-Apr-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
BioEcolians is a unique prebiotic with clinically proven benefits on digestive disorders. The first results on discomfort are observed af...
DIGESTIVE HEALTH: New Clinically Supported Prodigest® from Indena

DIGESTIVE HEALTH: New Clinically Supported Prodigest® from Indena

Indena | 03-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
According to a recent NMI/Nielsen study, digestive disorders  affect nearly 4 in 10 U.S. adults fueling growth for products able to...

Aquamin & Gut Health.

Marigot Ltd | 09-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Aquamin is a unique natural ingredient for the enhancement of gut health. It contains significant amounts of calcium and magnesium as wel...

Extracting the best from green tea

Naturex | 27-Jan-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Rich in polyphenols and catechins, green tea is a popular ingredient in dietary supplements. However, not all green tea leaf extracts are...
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