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German start-up wins EU probiotic novel foods approval

German SME Avitop has won EU novel foods approval for its proprietary probiotic strain Bacteroides xylanisolvens DSM 23964 it is calling Avi-1.


How responsible is Amazon for the supplements sold on its sites?

In the age of online shopping, it’s time to ask how responsible some of the big online retailers are when it comes to upholding EU food law.

Stakeholders have four weeks to respond

EC launches EU health claims ‘fitness check’; nutrient profiles and botanicals targeted

The European Commission has launched a ‘fitness check/roadmap’ with a special focus on the EU’s botanical health claims imbroglio and the nutrient profile of foods able to bear health claims....

EFSA delivers long-awaited safety assessment despite data craters

EFSA on insects: Pathogens harmful to humans most likely from farming

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said insect pathogens potentially harmful to humans are most likely to come from rearing and processing not intrinsically associated with the insect itself...

Study shows natto enzyme helps break down blood clots, benefits blood flow

Japan Bio Science Laboratory, a company that has been developing a nattokinase ingredient, has released research results bolstering the ingredient’s effects at combating the formation of abnormal blood clots and...

More than half of EU countries set to opt out of GM

Sixteen countries have requested to opt out of GM cultivation in Europe – but while the Commission says the opt-out clause is necessary for such a complex issue, campaigners are...

September: Which supplements were blocked at the EU borders this month?

Impotence, additives and heavy metals. This month saw some usual supplement suspects cropping up on our border block radar. 

Is the EU heading for a US-style protein spiking crisis?

Europe could be heading for a US-style protein spiking crisis if the region’s powers that be continue to ignore the issue of protein quality, says dairy protein firm Volac.  ...

Weight loss herbal blocked over testicle damage fear

The Norwegian food safety authority has warned against a weight loss product containing Garcinia cambogia, a plant ingredient than can cause serious damage to the testicles.

ASA ruling

Weetabix ‘proper breakfast’ ad doesn’t infer health benefit, says UK watchdog

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected a complaint that a Weetabix ‘proper breakfast’ advert implied the product was good for overall health.

Long-awaited EU novel foods reform set for October 14 adoption; concerns remain

Unless there is a shock shift, a full sitting of the 751-seat European Parliament (EP) will soon pass significant reforms to the EU’s now ‘not fit for purpose’ novel foods...

EFSA report suggests sports food is normal food

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a key opinion on sports foods, which some say backs the idea that sports food should be considered ‘normal’ not specialist.

Ending world hunger is ‘linchpin’ for sustainable development, says FAO chief

Food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture are vital to achieving the entire set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, FAO director-general José Graziano da Silva has warned.

Guest article

Medicinal probiotics need their own legal framework

Probiotic medical products are proliferating but are regulations keeping up, asks by Dr Magali Cordaillat-Simmons, PhD, executive scientist at Pharmabiotic Research Institute (PRI) in this guest article.

Nanotek group opposes changes to EU novel foods rules

Mooted changes to EU novel food laws that will cater for new ingredient sources like insects and food making methods like nanotechnology are ‘vague, unclear and unworkable’ according to a...

FSG deadline: July 20, 2016

SNE ‘increasingly concerned’ by impending EU specialised food laws

Europe’s biggest specialised food group used a meeting in Brussels this week to reiterate its call for “clear, evidence-based, and balanced legislation” as the 2016 kick-in date nears for EU laws governing...

News in brief

Yakult wins Swiss probiotic health claim

Yakult has joined fellow probiotic giant Danone in winning health claims for its probiotic yoghurt drinks in Switzerland.

India mulls reclassifying vitamins as drugs if they come with health claims

India may classify vitamin supplements as drugs rather than foods if the manufacturers of such products claim they can treat or prevent disease.


How transparent is the EU when it comes to supplement scares?

Europe has various measures in place to report risky supplements – but it’s questionable if these warnings ever make it outside the closed circuit of national authorities. This lack of...

Future fortified: Global summit calls for universal food fortification to combat ‘hidden hunger’

International governments and health and nutrition stakeholders have backed universal food fortification to combat undernutrition and malnutrition that affects about two billion people worldwide.

ESSNA: Specific sports food laws would ‘hurt rather than help’ in Europe

Europe’s peak sports nutrition trade group has affirmed broad support for better and more relevant sports food, drink and supplement regulation across Europe, but emphasised not all parties agree on...

Recalls for ‘supplement’ with hidden Viagra API

A Florida company is recalling 26 sexual enhancement and diet pills after the US FDA discovered some contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Calls mount to evolve EU sports foods regulations

European food bodies have reiterated calls to better regulate the sports food, drink and supplement category to ease uncertainty and inconsistency across the EU’s 28 member states – and boost innovation.

IBS health claims approval

Lesaffre Human Care, the northern France-headquartered manufacturer of bacteria-based health ingredients, has received health claims approval from the Canadian Health Authorities (CHA) for its product Ibsium, which helps to relieve...

Vitamin blend gets wake up call over fatigue claims

UK food supplements firm Forever Living Products (FLP) has been reprimanded by the local advertising watchdog for misleading fatigue and weight management claims.

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