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Beer beats white wine for antioxidants


Researchers in Australia claim that drinking beer can be just as good for your health as red wine, reports

A study was carried out on an all-male team from the University of New England in New South Wales who took part in a series of two-hour drinking sessions.

Study participants drank beer, red wine and white wine, and tested antioxidant levels in their blood at regular intervals.

The team found that antioxidant levels increased after drinking red wine and beer, but less so after drinking white wine.

Lead researcher Professor Ken Watson said that the results suggest possible health benefits of drinking red wine and beer include lower cholesterol and prevention of cell death.

Researchers noted that the benefits were only linked to moderate amounts of alcohol. Antioxidant levels did not increase any further after two standard drinks.

Professor Watson said: "The scientific evidence that moderate drinking has health benefits is now overwhelming. The myth that red wine is a more effective source of antioxidants than beer is losing ground."

The antioxidants in wine come from the seeds and skins of grapes and are concentrated during fermentation. Antioxidants destroy the destructive free radicals found in the body.

Professor Watson also said that teetotallers do not have to take up drinking to reap the benefits as antioxidants are also present, although to a lesser extent, in grape juice.

"This isn't saying if you're a teetotaller you should be drinking. We're saying, if you are a moderate drinker the news is excellent." The team now plans to repeat the research on women.