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What does ‘responsible innovation’ really mean?

Many food firms talk about the need for ‘responsible innovation’, but what does this buzzword actually mean to the consumer and the industry?

Published: 13-Apr-2015

Shifting demands: Where will the growth in healthy foods come from?

With an ever increasing consumer demand for healthier food products, many within the industry are asking where the growth in healthy foods will come from.

Published: 09-Apr-2015

How has social media changed food marketing?

The rise of social media has led to a shift in the way consumers view food brands – and the way that food brands interact with their customers, according to experts speaking on the side lines of Food Vision in Cannes.

Published: 08-Apr-2015

Is personalised nutrition about to go public in a big way?

Radek Sali, CEO,Swisse Wellness;

François Scheffler, head, BASF human nutrition; - Loren Israelsen, president, United Natural Products Association (UNPA); Mandy Saven, head, food, beverage and hospitality, Stylus

Nutrigenomics – the idea of optimising nutrition via individualised and/or pooled genetic data – is one that has long promised to revolutionise how we eat – not to mention keeping us healthy and out of hospitals. Are converging technologies about to deliver on its promise?

Published: 07-Apr-2015

Who is responsible for battling the big issues in food?

From obesity to malnutrition and water scarcity, the world is facing an ever-growing number of food-related problems. But how responsible is the food industry for fighting back against these issues?

Published: 07-Apr-2015

Newly available oilseed species features 'game changing' SDA content

A new, more efficient form of plant-based omega-3s is coming to market in the form of Ahiflower, the branded name of a special strain of an oilseed species that has been developed by British firm Technology Crops International to contain high levels of steriodonic acid (SDA), an important constituent of the metabolic pathway by which EPA is synthesized in the body.

Published: 16-Mar-2015

Biased by industry? Do academic and business collaborations work?

Like many areas of nutrition research, probiotic and prebiotic science relies on strong collaboration between academic experts and businesses. But there are some who say such links create biased science.

Published: 02-Mar-2015

Expert insights: What is the future for probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics, prebiotics, and microbiome science are big business, and already generate a great deal of scientific and commercial interest. But what does the future have in story for the sector?

Published: 26-Feb-2015

Game on: Probiotics & sports performance

Dr Ralf Jäger

Co-founder and partner - Increnovo

Clinical data is building around the role of probiotics to aid athletic performance – from recovery to muscle development to immune defense. We spoke to a leading researcher at Probiota in Amsterdam this month…

Published: 18-Feb-2015

6 years of hurt: Probiotic heavyweights debate the EU’s health claim blockade

Yakult and leading academics expressed frustration at what they see as unfair and opaque scientific requirements around probiotic health claims in the European Union – but how much is industry to blame and could social media be a data-sharing saviour?

Published: 17-Feb-2015

Does the edible bugs trend have the legs to succeed?

Not a week goes by without media headlines talking about the potential of insects to help feed the world. But where does that potential really lie?

Published: 23-Jan-2015

Is low GI too complicated for consumers?

As pressure on the food industry to reduce sugar in products increases, is the science behind that reduction getting lost?

Published: 22-Dec-2014

Happy Holidays 2014 from William Reed Business Media!

The holidays are fast upon us, so let’s put ‘business’ to one side and get into the festive mood. To keep in the spirit of things, we’ve got a ‘gift’ for you – enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Published: 18-Dec-2014

The future of sports nutrition offers something for every taste

Sports nutrition market has been rapidly growing and will continue to so as it moves away from the elite sport to more mainstream and segmented markets, say experts.

Published: 18-Dec-2014

Trendspotter: ‘Naturally healthy' to overtake fortified and functional foods

There has been huge growth in functional and fortified food and drinks in recent years, but experts suggest that the next few years could see industry take a ‘naturally healthy’ approach to formulation.

Published: 17-Dec-2014

Cricket bars founder: ‘We launched a product without a supply chain in place to scale it’

Pat Crowley

Founder - Chapul Inc.

Since it was created in 2012, Chapul Inc. has been on a mission to integrate edible insects into Western diets, using its cricket energy bars as the vehicle. 

Published: 03-Jul-2014

Beauty chocolate: Algatechnologies touts red seaweed for functional confectionery

Efrat Kat

Director of marketing and sales - Algatechnologies

Algatechnologies sees potential for red seaweed derivative astaxanthin in chocolate coins promoting beauty for the US market.

Published: 17-Jun-2014

French supplements market set for return to 10%+ growth after a ‘not very good’ year

Alban Maggiar

Chairman - Synadiet

The French food supplements market is set for double digit growth this year as the sector adapts to changing EU regulations around health claims, according to the chairman of the country’s biggest trade group.

Published: 10-Jun-2014

How can firms make claim research successes their own, not their competitors’?

Eric Chappius

Director of consulting - Naturalpha

Companies have to be clever about proprietary research, and plant extracts may hold unique opportunities in this respect, according to a food and nutrition industry consultant.

Published: 06-Jun-2014

Keeping it clean: 3 botanical chiefs pull adulteration weeds

Antoine Bily, Naturex global R&D director

Christian Artaria, Indena marketing director - Holger Riemensperger, Frutarom general manager, Health Business Unit

Botanical adulteration, like doping in sports, is a problem that can be controlled but never totally resolved, but what is being done about it? Here the world’s biggest botanical players debate their attacks on the problem.

Published: 03-Jun-2014

Diet and cancer: Polyphenol trial data suggests significant clinical benefit for prostate cancer

Professor Robert Thomas

Consultant oncologist - Addenbrooke's and Bedford, Cambridge University Hospital

A polyphenol-rich supplement containing broccoli, green tea, tumeric, and pomegranete - a combination known  as pomi-t - could have significant clinical benefits for men with prostate cancer, according to new data.

Published: 29-May-2014

Are doctors seeing the preventative eye health potential of carotenoids?

James Stringham

Research doctor - University of Georgia

Carotenoids like lutein are well-documented to boost eye health yet the approach of the medical fraternity and some regulators lacks vision when it comes to prevention, says a leading professor in the area.

Published: 28-May-2014

Which big player will be first on functional confectionery scene?

Adrian Sagman

Vice president of international sales and marketing - Carmit Candy

The functional confectionery market is awaiting a big player and private label maker Carmit Candy gives its tip on which it’s likely to be.

Published: 27-May-2014

IFST conference paints ‘multi-coloured’ picture of food industry

The Institute of Food Science and Technology’s Jubilee conference offered something for everyone involved in food production and research and painted a multi-coloured picture of the industry.

Published: 27-May-2014

You talkin’ to me? The grey zone around health claims in ‘commercial communication’

Georgia Taylor

Marketing and claims advisor - Leatherhead

How we define ‘commercial communication’ when it comes to health claims remains somewhat of a grey zone, according to a Leatherhead analyst.

Published: 23-May-2014