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In-vivo study confirms diuretic and antioxidant properties of superfruit ingredient Cacti-Nea®

Bio Serae | 29-May-2008 | PDF Technical / white paper
Bio Serae is proud to introduce a new superfruit ingredient into the weight management market... Cacti-Nea® is made from the fruit of pri...

New hydro-dispersible grade of bioactive SOD from melon allows new applications

Seppic | 05-May-2008 | PDF Application note
Following the success of EXTRAMEL® microgranules SEPPIC and BIONOV have developed EXTRAMEL® D to make health benefits of the primary anti...

The Weight Loss Approach Therapies in Indo-Tibetan Medicine

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 29-Apr-2008 | PDF Technical / white paper
Balancing the body, the mind and the spirit, Indo-Tibetan remedies have been used to help in controlling body weight. Helpful adjuncts in...

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Sabinsa Corporation | 28-Apr-2008 | PDF Technical / white paper
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the developed world. This paper describes phytonutrients and...

Fatty Acid Blend Improves Joint Mobility

Proprietary Nutritionals | 25-Mar-2008 | PDF Technical / white paper
A blend of special fatty acids, Celadrin®, significantly increased walking ability and decreased knee discomfort in a double-blind study....

Obesity: clinically tested dietary interventions

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 05-Dec-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Over the past 20 years, obesity has risen at a phenomenal rate in the United States, and the situation continues to worsen. This paper pr...

EXTRAMEL® fights against perceived stress and tiredness

Seppic | 27-Nov-2007 | PDF Application note
A double blind, placebo controlled study on 70 healthy working people has permitted to show the efficiency of EXTRAMEL® on perceived stre...

Rich extract of Harpagophytum regenerates cartilage - Free Download

Burgundy | 21-Nov-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
New 20% harpagoside extract from Devil's Claw shows proofs in treating causes of arthritis and joint diseases, regenerating cartilage. La...

Targeting Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 24-Sep-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Do all nutritional supplements consumed, or all topically applied products provide optimal benefits? Bioavailability and uptake in the bo...

Phytonutrients and Nutritional Interventions for Natural Immune Support

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 17-Sep-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Fall is almost here, and so are seasonal allergies, and increased incidences of the common cold and flu. This review presents phytonutrie...

Aging, Biomorphosis, Life Span and Phytonutrients

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 21-Aug-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Aging is characterized by senescence, a decline in physiological functions resulting from cumulative damage to tissues. Recent scientific...

Policosanol: Naturally Healthful from the Inside & Out

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 06-Aug-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Found in plant waxes, Policosanol is a natural mix of higher aliphatic alcohols. Further to its strong cardiovascular benefits, its cosme...

The Natural Health Benefits of Coconut Water Solids

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 23-Jul-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Coconut water, the liquid endosperm of green coconuts, is a natural rehydration medium used as a supplement in nutrient media for tissue...

Targeting Trace Mineral Bioavailability: The Case of Selenium -Free Download

Sabinsa Europe GmbH | 09-Jul-2007 | PDF Technical / white paper
Why is selenium currently in the nutritional spotlight? A "trace" mineral, selenium forms only about 14 mg of the proximate com...

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