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Protein-based supplement may aid in elderly muscle gains, study suggests

Elderly men who consumed a whey protein based multi-ingredient supplement increased both muscle strength and lean mass, reveals a new study conducted at McMaster University in Canada.

Study underscores positive effect of vitamin D on female fertility

Vitamin D status may play an important in female fertility and reproduction, according to new research linking levels to regulation of ovarian hormones.

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Cannabinoids may be responsible for omega-3 anti-inflammatory effect: Study

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids may be due to the action of endocannabinoids derived from them, suggests a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences....

Cause or consequence? Investigating the link between gut bacteria and heart health

People with heart failure have been found to have less gut bacteria diversity and lack certain important species groups. So are changes in our microbiome causing heart disease, or visa-versa?


Trial design and optimal status: What can we learn from the DOIT vitamin D trial

Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are expensive to conduct, and for supplements, do not have the prospect of ‘blockbuster’ drug revenues at the end. Careful design is critical to avoid mistakes.

Does iron supplementation promise lower heart attack risk?

Iron supplementation may be a low-cost approach in reducing the risk of heart disease, as a study identifies low levels as a risk factor for one of the leading causes...

Vitamin D trial shows ‘no benefit’ in already optimal kids

Higher vitamin D dosage does not lower the occurrence of winter colds in young children that are not deficient, a new study suggests.

Outlining 'environmental' view of microbiome awaits craftier study designs, experts say

A more holistic, environmental view of the human gut microbiome is taking shape among researchers, but confounding factors complicate the task of fully elucidating this via tenable study designs.

Green peas backed for fight against high-fat diet

There is a low awareness of the beneficial effects of green pea in many countries, despite growing evidence of clear health effects, say those behind a new study.

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Herbal supplements all too often ignore underlying principles, experts say

Fitting ingredients that come out of traditional medical systems into the modern marketplace can be a fraught exercise, experts say.

Bioavailability boost: Study backs frankincense to ease IBS symptoms

A new proprietary method to deliver the Indian botanical extract Boswellia, could boost bioavailability and help manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), finds a study by Italian botanical...

Carnitine deficiency linked to mild form of autism

The possibility that a mild form of autism may linked to carnitine deficiency has been proposed in a new research paper published in BioEssays.

Antioxidants might help in early diabetic kidney disease: Study

Supplementation with antioxidants like vitamin E could reduce the excretion of a specific protein in patients’ urine, which is an early sign of diabetic kidney disease (DKD), say researchers.

EFSA sets safe intake level for MSG and glutamate additives, urging new maximum levels

Europe’s Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set a safe level for glutamate food additives, but given many Europeans are over this level, it is urging the Commission to revise the...

International probiotics experts and global firms to feature at first Probiota Asia summit

A world-class line up of international probiotics experts will feature at our first Probiota Asia summit, to be held in Singapore in October.

EFSA rebuffs Heinz health claim complaint

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said comments from Heinz questioning its refusal of an Article 14 health claim relating to Nutrimune late last year does not change its opinion.


WATCH: Probiotics in China — ‘The market is set to explode’

The probiotics sector is forecast to soar by 23% in China to 2020 and even greater long-term growth beckons if the industry unites to better educate consumers and regulators.

Vitamin D: Good for the heart or not?

A controversy remains over the links between vitamin D and heart disease, according to a new review. 

EU Commission targets online supplement sales with new control plans

The European Commission (EC) has moved a step closer to establishing a Coordinated Control Plan on the internet sale of food (CCP-efood) within the European Union.

Vitamin K2 may be beneficial for athletic training: Study

Supplements of vitamin K2 may boost the output of the heart by 12% in aerobically trained males and female athletes, says a new study.

Asia's 'huge potential' could create an extra $20bn of omega-3 sales

Asia will fuel the growth of the omega-3 sector in the coming years, with the executive director of trade organisation GOED predicting the region could contribute an additional $20bn in...

MIT spin-off gets closer to launch of 3D printed supplements

Multiply Labs, a spin-off company from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is gearing up for the launch of its 3D printed personalized supplements.

High folate, low B12 combo doubles maternal diabetes risk

Pregnant women with combined low vitamin B12 and high folate levels showed a 97% increase in risk pregnancy-related diabetes, according to a study in Clinical Nutrition.

Brain-impaired elderly subjects appear to most benefit from cocoa flavanols: Review

Flavanol-rich chocolate is well known for its beneficial effect on the brain, but a review by Italian researchers point towards its neuroprotective effects in vulnerable populations over time.

Study finds quality of reporting of supplement trials to be “poor” and blame could be down to restrictions in scientific journals

Restrictions on word counts in scientific journals on the reporting of trials on the efficacy of supplements can hinder the quality of the reporting of the study, according to the...