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Probiotic intervention may increase beneficial gut bacteria in cancer patients

A Dupont-backed study demonstrates the efficacy of a probiotic intervention after studies reveal its ability to alter and modify the intestinal microbiome in patients with colon cancer.

Frutarom launches ‘naturally delivered’ fruit-based supplements

Israeli company Frutarom Health BU is to make available its fruit-based range of supplements formulated to supply nutraceuticals via a new fruit-based delivery system.

Polyphenol blend may boost post-exercise recovery: RCT

Daily supplementation with a blend of extracts from mangosteen, elderberry, and pomegranate may delay muscle soreness and help manage post-exercise recovery, says a new study.

Vitamin D deficiency link with multiple sclerosis: more evidence

Evidence of the association between vitamin D deficiency and higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) was strengthened by a recent study in Neurology

Zivo's algal poultry feed push takes step forward as it strives for human nutrition market entry

Zivo Biosciences has announced positive results from studies on the use of its algal biomass ingredient in poultry feed as the company continues to work on market entry for dietary...

Study supports efficacy of hyaluronan for wrinkle reduction

Twelve weeks of supplementation with hyaluronan – also known as hyaluronic acid – may improve the “luster” of the skin and reduce wrinkles, says a new study from Japan.

Market report shows growing trend toward integrative medicine

A new market survey from consultancy Pure Branding claims that more and more doctors are incorporating concepts of integrative medicine into their practices, a development that can be seen as...

Sunshine or supplements? Cholesterol concerns must be considered with vitamin D, says expert

Clinicians must consider the impact vitamin D supplements may have on cholesterol levels in some consumers, warns an epidemiology expert. 

Probiotic could delay onset of gluten intolerance in children: RCT data

New trial data suggests that the probiotic strains Lactobacillus plantarum Heal 9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 could support the immune system and delay the onset of gluten intolerance in children....

Spore-based probiotic supplementation may reduce symptoms of ‘leaky gut syndrome’

Supplements containing a combination of spore-based probiotics may counter the chronic immune activation and inflammation associated with “leaky gut”, says a new study.

Polyphenols may enhance endurance, delay time to exhaustion

Acute intake of a specific blend of polyphenols from grape and apple may boost endurance in athletes, says a new study using Nexira’s ViNitrox ingredient.

Taking folic acid around conception may help reduce autism risk from pesticides, suggests study

Mothers exposed to pesticides who took high-doses of folic acid around conception reduced their risk of having children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a study in Environmental Health Perspectives....

Supplements seized: UK and Dutch authorities capture DNP and steroid supplements

Food safety agencies in the UK have seized large quantities of DNP following a multi-agency effort, while Dutch authorities captured anabolic-androgenic steroids intended for use in sports nutrition supplements.

Belgian strategies ‘inadequate’ in raising vitamin population intakes

Current fortification and supplementation practices in Belgium are inadequate in raising vitamin A and D intakes to recommended levels, according to a study, which could provide much insight in shaping...

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

With interest in wellbeing and longevity on the rise, the time has come for personalized nutrition, say experts

As the “one-size-fits-all” nutritional model becomes less relevant, consumer interest in personalized nutrition and ‘taking back control’ is growing, but the past 15 years are littered with harsh lessons. So,...

One in eight over-50s in Ireland vitamin D deficient

One in eight adults over the age of 50 living in Ireland are vitamin D deficient, reports a recent study in Journal of Gerontology: Series A.

German test suggests ‘many’ vitamin supplements exceed safe dose limits

A majority of commercially available vitamin supplements in German market significantly exceed daily recommended doses recommended by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), new tests suggest.

Mimicry: Gut bacteria metabolites copy human signalling molecules

New gut-mediated therapies could be on the horizon, according to new research that finds GPCR (G-protein-coupled receptor) ligands, formed by gut bacteria, mimic human signalling molecules.

Wild mushroom species exhibits functional food, commercial potential: Pakistani study

Extracts from a species of wild mushroom could serve as a safe and nutritious functional food, according to a recent Pakistani study.

‘Promising’: Probiotic combination may shorten C. difficile infections

A combination of four probiotic strains may shorten the duration of an infection with Clostridium difficile, says a new study that supports the role of probiotics to counter the most common...


Prenatal PUFA deficiency linked to schizophrenia: Animal data

Lack of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in early pregnancy may lead to schizophrenia-like symptoms in their offspring as adults, according to a new mouse study.

Stricter South African regulation of supplements leaves industry ‘in a rut’

Changes in South Africa’s legislation on vitamins and dietary supplements appear to be slowing growth in the market which has recently seen double digit growth, according to a recent Euromonitor podcast....

Omega-3 may help fight fatty liver disease, says pilot study

Supplementation with high-dose omega-3 improved markers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to a recent pilot study in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Regular protein key to seniors fight against frailty?

When it comes to maintaining muscle mass and fighting the risk of frailty, it’s not just about how much protein you get but how often you get it, new research...

Enzymotec seeks to revitalize medical foods arm by buying supplement developer

Israeli lipids ingredients specialist Enzymotec has acquired an American supplement developer in a move to revitalize its stumbling medical foods subsidiary that has run into regulatory difficulties in the United...