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Judging data choice, extraction methods can help mark a meta-analysis as good or suspect, GOED attendees told

Not all meta-analyses are created equal. Trying to figure out which ones hold water and which are riven with holes was the subject of one of the most gripping sessions...

Soy intake may slash heart disease risk by 12%, but only for equol producers

Soy supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular risk for people able to produce equol, a microbial-derived metabolite of the isoflavone daidzein, but equol supplements themselves may not have the...

Study shows adding milk protein to breakfast and lunch benefits seniors

Protein is a critical nutrient for building and maintaining muscle, and new research published in the January edition of The Journal of Nutrition has found that eating an even amount...

Vitamin B8 may help prevent neural tube defects in high risk women

Women at risk of carrying babies with spina bifida and other neural tube defects may benefit from taking inositol, also known as vitamin B8, alongside folic acid during pregnancy, researchers...

Science short

Zinc supplements may boost immunity markers for the elderly

Supplements of zinc may boost the function of immune T cells in nursing home elderly, says a new study.

Milk found to raise children’s vitamin D level: study

Children who drink at least three glasses of milk per day had a higher serum vitamin D level than their peers who drink milk in lesser amounts, a new study...

Composite of turmeric and mulberry may aid arthritis, rat study

An independent study conducted by botanical supplements manufacturer Unigen found that pain and inflammation in rats with paw edema were alleviated with a turmeric and mulberry composite supplement.

Unlocking the anti-inflammatory power of breast milk

Researchers have urged further investigation into the anti-inflammatory of galactosyllactoses, which are present in human breast milk during late pregnancy but rapidly decline over early lactation. 

Study: UC-II supplements fared better than placebo in joint pain relief

Using the WOMAC Index to measure, test participants with osteoarthritis who ingested 40mg of UC-II pills over 180 days experienced less pain and stiffness in the knee compared to control groups.

News in brief

Four years, £2.75m: UK government looks to fill nutrition data gaps

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is offering up to £2.75m in funding for a three to four year research programme on potential low-cost solutions to “critical nutrition-related data gaps”....

Probiota day 1: Tweet by tweet

This year our event Probiota kicked off with the workshop 'Prebiotics – a return to true science'. Experts in the field gathered to cut loose from complex regulation and commercial...

Carotenoids get a bioaccessibility boost in linseed oil nanosemulsions

Researchers test linseed oil nanoemulsions as a way to increase carotenoid’s bioavailability and stability, bringing its health benefits to more supplements and functional foods.

How can food grown on Mars boost food security on Earth?

Dutch researchers have launched a crowdsourcing appeal for a project that will analyse the safety and nutrient content of food grown on Martian and lunar soil -  and the findings could...

Texturisers will make food for seniors mainstream - but beware when marketing, say researchers

Texture modifiers could make specialist foods for older consumers mainstream and shake up a category that's on the cusp of exploding, say Norwegian researchers.

New ISO standard for flow cytometry with probiotics

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, present in yogurt and other dairy products, are used as probiotics, or “friendly bacteria,” to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Higher omega-3 content in fresh cow's milk reduces asthma risk, study finds

Fresh, unprocessed cow’s milk has a higher content of omega-3 fatty acids than pasteurised, homogenised or low-fat milk, say German researchers. 

Parents and teachers unaware of mental benefits of good childhood nutrition

There is less awareness among parents and teachers of the importance of diet for children’s brain development compared to physical benefits, pan-EU research suggests.

Coffee does not cause rapid heartbeat: Study

Regular consumption of caffeine does not cause additional, rapid heartbeats, according to a recent study from the University of California-San Francisco.

Wine and tea may decrease risk of erectile dysfunction: Study

Wine, tea and other flavonoid-rich beverages and foods may help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, according to a recent study.

Folate supplementation during pregnancy may improve child’s attention system

After a study that took almost a decade to complete, researchers in Europe found that supplementing mothers with folate during pregnancy may help improve their child’s attention system 8.5 years...

Nutrition is a major factor in health of ageing people

There is “convincing evidence” that nutritional depletion is a significant factor in adverse long-term health effects, according to a joint study by DSM and Groningen University.

Vitamin-enhanced whey drink can help lower cholesterol, study finds

Adding calcium, vitamin D and prebiotic dietary fibre to a drink made of whey can offer huge health benefits, a team of Lithuanian scientists has discovered.

Nutrient-rich Nordic diet linked to better physical performance in elderly

The nutrients range of Nordic diets is associated with better physical performance and a decrease in disability risk later in life, a study confirms.

Study: Antioxidant supplements (still) not an athlete’s best training partner

Back in 2009, a group of researchers in Germany and the US published a hotly debated study that said antioxidants may blunt the benefits of exercise. One of the researchers...

Insect protein ‘economically viable’, scientists claim

Protein-packed milkshakes made from ground-up bugs are a step nearer to becoming common drinks, a consensus of leading scientists and policy makers have claimed.