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What links breast milk nutrients, infant formula and circadian rhythms?

Breast milk components, such as macronutrients, hormones, and micronutrients demonstrate a circadian rhythm that enhances the well-being of breast-fed infants, according to a paediatrics expert. 

Magnesium status and dementia: is there a link?

People with either low or high blood levels of magnesium may be at higher risk of developing dementia, reports a new study in Neurology.

Nutrition one of most 'significant individual factors' for child development in first 1,000 days: Comprehensive evidence paper

The most significant individual factors in the first 1,000 days of a child's life that influence health and development relate to nutrition, substance use and the experience of significant stress,...

Body’s fat metabolism wards off sugar's effects and promotes healthy ageing: Study

The chemical link between a low-carbohydrate diet and healthy ageing could be explained by new scientific evidence showing that the body’s own fat-metabolism protects against sugar’s harmful effects.

Research supports immune benefits of Ganeden’s new Staimune ingredient

Inactivated Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086A has similar immune activation and anti-inflammatory effects as live cells, says a new study using Ganeden’s recently launched Staimune ingredient.

Probiotic intervention may increase beneficial gut bacteria in cancer patients

A Dupont-backed study demonstrates the efficacy of a probiotic intervention after studies reveal its ability to alter and modify the intestinal microbiome in patients with colon cancer.

Imperial network gathers expertise to tackle global nutrition issues

A new network of excellence has aims to become a beacon of nutrition research as it looks towards a renewed focus on balancing nutritional needs alongside food production in preserving...

Polyphenol blend may boost post-exercise recovery: RCT

Daily supplementation with a blend of extracts from mangosteen, elderberry, and pomegranate may delay muscle soreness and help manage post-exercise recovery, says a new study.

ADM gets personal with new microbiome collaboration with Mayo Clinic

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced a collaboration with the Mayo Clinic on personalized nutrition solutions to healthy body weight through probiotics, prebiotics, and other nutrients.

Fat-regulating enzyme control protects against disease, say researchers

Researchers have discovered that deleting an enzyme crucial in fat regulation could increase the risk of cancer, inflammation and other diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency link with multiple sclerosis: more evidence

Evidence of the association between vitamin D deficiency and higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) was strengthened by a recent study in Neurology

Zivo's algal poultry feed push takes step forward as it strives for human nutrition market entry

Zivo Biosciences has announced positive results from studies on the use of its algal biomass ingredient in poultry feed as the company continues to work on market entry for dietary...

Placing broccoli under pressure enhances its disease-fighting compounds

A high-pressure processing method could rid broccoli of harmful bacteria while preserving the vegetable’s cancer-fighting glucosinolate compounds, according to German researchers.

Prebiotics may help fight rotavirus: Study

Milk oligosaccharides reduced the infectivity of human rotavirus, according to a recent cell study published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Study supports efficacy of hyaluronan for wrinkle reduction

Twelve weeks of supplementation with hyaluronan – also known as hyaluronic acid – may improve the “luster” of the skin and reduce wrinkles, says a new study from Japan.

A mother’s breast milk may help premature babies catch-up in growth

MicroRNA found in mother’s breast milk has been found to help premature babies with their growth and development according to a new study.

Kiwis disregarding the impact of diet choices on cholesterol

People in New Zealand need to be more aware of how increasing polyunsaturated fats, dietary fibre, and plant sterols in their diets can help cut cholesterol.

Biochemists discover what makes olive oil help with weight loss

Biochemist researchers at Virginia Tech have uncovered the compounds responsible for olive oil’s ability to help with weight loss, shedding new light on the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet....


Fish oil may help your genes to ward off inflammation

The role of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFAs) in inflammatory diseases involves a diverse and complex set of mechanisms, reports a recent study in Nutrition.

Ageing brain to benefit from nutrition, exercise and lifestyle: Review

Dietary approaches to promote healthy brain ageing should look to factor in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to target not only the brain but also overall cardio-metabolic health.


Gut bacteria may work with body clock to control weight gain: Study

Cross-talk between the microbiome and the circadian clock appears to determine weight gain by mice in response to a high-fat diet, according to a recent study in Science.


Scientists develop cooking oil to combat mercury pollution

Waste cooking oil from cafes and fast food outlets is being used to capture mercury pollution from Australian mine sites and industrial plants.

Sunshine or supplements? Cholesterol concerns must be considered with vitamin D, says expert

Clinicians must consider the impact vitamin D supplements may have on cholesterol levels in some consumers, warns an epidemiology expert. 

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Black gold? Rhizome extract said to have anti-ageing and anti-diabetic effects

Black ginger extract could have important implications for healthy ageing and diabetes, as well as athletic performance.

Illegal substances seized in Spain, as large-scale trafficking scheme is disrupted

A large amount of illegal sports medicines have been seized after the Spanish Guardia Civil targets an organised crime group involved in drug trafficking.