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'Dairy pro- and prebiotics can boost brain, liver and infant health'

Irish scientists working with gut bacteria – microbiota – have found 'exciting opportunities' for value-added dairy products, according to the head of biotechnology at Ireland’s largest food research center.

Spanish firm wins cholesterol-lowering probiotic patent

Spanish start-up AB-Biotics has been granted a composition patent linking its Lactobacillus plantarum blend with cholesterol reduction in Europe.

Probiotics can benefit colitis sufferers with ‘anal pouch’ issues: Study

Ulcerative colitis (UC) sufferers who are surgically fitted with an artificial anus (‘ileoanal pouch’) can benefit from probiotics, Swedish and Dutch researchers have found.

Meta-analysis: Probiotic reduces infant skin disorders (but not asthma/wheezing)

The probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus decreases skin sensitivity in children that can reduce disorders like eczema, researchers have found after a scan of published studies – but other allergic ailments like asthma...

What is a health benefit? Researchers issue probiotic guidance for EFSA applications

An evaluation of all EFSA opinions relating to probiotics will help industry players better understand what sort of claims are accepted as a health benefit and which claims are not,...

Fi Asia-Thailand

Doing business in Asia: distributor helps Ganeden gauge local tastes

During the course of Fi Asia-Thailand, we will be looking at the logistics behind how international companies are tapping into their new Asian markets.

Probiotic yoghurt does not alter overall microbiota makeup: Study

Probiotic yoghurt increases the presence of certain probiotic strains, but does not change the overall microbiota makeup, according to research by Laval University.

European probiotics start-up making waves in China

Belgian probiotics player Vésale Pharma has made its first steps into the Chinese market with inking a distribution deal in pharma channels.

L. rhamnosus probiotic shows long-lasting anti-eczema benefits for kids: RCT

Daily supplements containing the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 strain may reduce the incidence of eczema and skin sensitivity in children, according to data from a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial....

Benecol yoghurt’s Hong Kong launch is first step into coveted China

Raisio has just launched its Benecol yogurt drinks line in Hong Kong, its latest push to broaden its reach in the emerging Bric markets. Wing Kee Produce will act as...

Big changes at Chr Hansen

Nature lover: Chr Hansen plays natural card in 6-platform reinvention

Danish ingredients giant Chr Hansen has today rebranded itself ‘Nature’s Number 1’ as it announced a 6-platform strategic overhaul of its colours, enzymes and cultures businesses.

Vitafoods Asia

Chr Hansen: While EU regulations are tough, Asia's are a minefield

On a day when its headquarters in Copenhagen announced a significant overhaul of a number of its core businesses, Chr Hansen’s vice-president of health and nutrition sales highlighted the regulatory...

Prebiotic potential: Mushroom ‘waste’ could enhance probiotic survival

By-products from mushroom processing could be a cheap and unexplored source of prebiotics that may enhance the survival of probiotics in storage and digestion, according to new research.

"An amazing result with possibly enormous implications for the treatment and even prevention of the greatest public health issue of our time"

Microbiome breakthrough: Gut flora implicated in metabolic disorders

There is a distinct link between the composition of our gut bacteria and incidence of obesity related conditions including heart disease and diabetes, according to new data from the MetaHIT...

Probiotics may not prevent Crohn's disease relapse: RCT data

Supplementation with the probiotic Saccharomuces boulardii (S. boulardii) may not prevent clinical relapse in patients with Crohn's disease, according to the findings of a clinical trial.

Breastmilk gut bacteria discovery could boost infant formula development

‘Good’ gut bacteria may arrive in a baby’s digestive system direct from its mother’s gut via breast milk, Swiss researchers have found – a discovery they claim could lead to...

BioGaia probiotic shows dental health benefits: Clinical trial

Sucking on a probiotic lozenge may produce “significant additional clinical improvements” to scaling and root planing for people with chronic periodontitis, says a new study.

It's all in the genes: Researchers unravel genetic mechanism behind microbiome colonisation

A set of newly identified genes may explain how and why microbes are able to colonise our gut in a stable, say researchers.

IPA questions scope of conclusions of study that found no effect of probiotics on diarrhea

The International Probiotics Association has identified several issues with the design of a recently published study finding no effect of probiotics on antibiotic associated diarrhea (AAD) or Clostridium difficile diarrhea...

‘Largest’ study questions probiotic diarrhoea benefits

Probiotic supplements may have no benefit for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in elderly people, according to new data from the largest study ever to look at the issue.

Probiotic supplement may offer autism benefits: Study

Supplementation with the probiotic nutritional supplement Delpro may have a beneficial effect on bowel issues associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), new research has suggested.

Chr Hansen files global probiotic immunity patent

A Lactobacillus rhamnosus probiotic blend can battle chest infections, says Danish probiotics leader Chr Hansen in a global patent application.

Beijing plant is DuPont’s first step in ready-to-market probiotics

In 2011, DuPont bought a food processing plant to the north of Beijing and straight away began to convert it into a blending and packaging site for its dietary supplements.

Probiotics may ‘counter obesity and diabetes’: NIH study

A daily dose of probiotics may prevent weight gain and insulin resistance in mice, says a new study from scientists at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) with implications...

Spanish firm develops probiotics with metal nano particles for tumour treatment

Spanish firm Biosearch Life has applied for a patent for the tumour treating potential of Bifidobacterium probiotics infused with magnetic nano metals.