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Probiotic video game in the works

The makers of the Microwarriors probiotic and prebiotic documentary that has been raising probiotic awareness since its release at the beginning of the year, are working on a video game...

Probiotics may reduce anxiety and depression, suggests study

Probiotic bacteria may have the potential to alter brain neurochemistry, affecting anxiety and depression-related disorders, says new research.

Valio demands EFSA reveal its “methodological and statistical requirements”

Finnish dairy group and ingredients supplier Valio has challenged the European Food Safety Authority’s rejection of its probiotic-gut health claim submission earlier this year, and called on the agency to...

Medical channel issues BioGaia healthy profit diagnosis

Profits have surged 60% at Swedish probiotics player BioGaia as its focus on the medical channel sees its business growing in all markets, with Italy and Japan gaining special mention.

E. coli infections could be reduced with probiotics, show non-human studies

The recent spate of 1000s of E. coli infectionsin Europe – with no known treatment – that sprang from contaminated vegetables could be reduced in occurrence and severity by probiotics,...

UK tabloid labels functional foods a ‘gimmick’

Leading right-wing UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail found room in its pages today to slam more than just London’s looters with functional foods also taking a beating for delivering...

Probiotics maker: There is a temptation to overstate the benefits

Regulatory uncertainty in Europe and a string of high-profile lawsuits in the US has made firms much more cautious about making health claims about probiotics, according to one California-based supplier.

Survey shows sharp rise in awareness of pre- and probiotics

Consumer awareness of the benefits of prebiotic fibers and probiotics for digestive health has risen steadily in the US over the past five years, according to a new survey into...

Dietary oligosaccharides could boost infant nutrition and immunity

Consumption of oligosaccharides from food sources, rather than solely from breast milk, could help to boost childhood nutrition and immunity, reducing the risk of food allergy and dermatitis, says a...

Agro-waste could provide nano-fibres for probiotics encapsulation

Waste fibres from the agricultural and food processing industry could be used for the nano-encapsulation of bioactives such as probiotics, according to new research.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects kids' probiotic gut health claim

EFSA’s Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) has turned down a probiotic-children’s gut health claim from Italian company Centro Sperimentale del Latte because of non-characterised strains and a...

Unique probiotic strains trigger very different immune responses: Researchers

The ability of probiotics to influence the immune system differs greatly, depending on the strain, Dutch and Belgian researcher have said in findings that could influence clinical trial design.

Dead or alive: Benefits of probiotics need live organisms

The potential beneficial effects of select bacterial strains are dependent on the organisms being alive, says a new study that supports the WHO definition of probiotics as being ‘live microorganisms’.

Food for thought? Probiotics could promote well being, suggests researcher

Relying on your gut to make decisions may have a lot of truth to it, as research suggests that probiotic modification of the gut may influence the brain and affect...

Gut feeling: New study proposes probiotic mechanism for IBD benefits

A protein on the surface of specific probiotic bacteria may promote anti-inflammatory responses in the gut and explain the potential role of select probiotics to ease symptoms of inflammatory bowel...

Research gaps means cereal based probiotic benefits for infants unclear: review

Data gaps are preventing a comprehensive assessment of the risk and benefits of probiotics in processed cereal-based baby foods, finds a Norwegian food safety body, which has flagged up the...

NDA panellist: Angry academics would come to same conclusions if on our panel

As the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) delivers hundreds of batch five general function health claim rejections to an ever-frustrated academic and commercial community, EFSA health claims panelist Ambroise Martin,...


EFSA publishes article 13, batch 5 – winners and losers

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this morning published 536 health claims in 73 opinions in the fifth batch of general function claims.

Pre- and probiotic academics demand ‘clear roadmap’ for claims

The Board of Directors of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has published an open letter in the British Journal of Nutrition demanding pre-submission meetings with EFSA...

Russian probiotic market booming (with medical backing)

Russia’s probiotic market that has shown annual growth rates of around 50% in recent years and settled closer to 10%, is benefitting from medical profession support, according to a leading paediatrician.

Probiotech 2011

Dead or alive: Probiotics benefits beyond the grave

Dead probiotic bacteria that typically reside alongside live cultures in probiotic formulations, could be contributing to healthful effects, researchers told the Probiotech conference in Milan, Italy, last week.

Probiotech 2011

Next generation probiotic health claims: The rise of “mechanism-based” data

Metagenomic developments are providing new insights into the here-to-now largely mysterious mechanisms of behaviour displayed by gut microbiota – just the kind of data required by the European Food Safety...

‘Level 1’ evidence that probiotics boost ‘transit time’: Danisco & Fonterra

Daily probiotic supplements may accelerate transit time and boost general gut health, says a new study from Danisco and Fonterra heralded as providing ‘Level I evidence’.

Exclusive interview

Departed Danisco CEO: “I am proud of my legacy”

If Tom Knutzen is reading this, he shouldn’t be.

Researchers discover probiotic colonisation mechanism

Genes responsible for efficient colonisation of the gut have been discovered by a team of scientists at the University College Cork, Ireland.

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