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UK university backed to locate probiotic mechanisms of action

UK researchers have begun a project investigating probitoic mechanisms in the gut and have been joined by a consortium called Food and Drink iNet.

"will most certainly advance further research into probiotics and prebiotics”

€138m, 5-year Human Microbiome Project completion excites probiotic community

The 5-year, $173m (€138m) Human Microbiome Project has completed with a 14-article publication blitz in journals like Nature that spells out some of its pioneering findings into the make-up and behavior of...

EFSA rejects Lactobacillus casei probiotic gut health claim

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) this week rejected 74 probiotic health claim dossiers it had been sent for a second reading after many of them were initially turned down...

EFSA health claim opinions

EFSA slams door on probiotic health claims (again); Prunes pass

Hopes that the resubmission of 74 probiotic health dossiers would win a sector-first claim in the EU have been dashed after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) held its earlier...

Probiotic health claims find an EU lifeline

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) may have rejected 100% of the probiotic health claim applications that have in recent years appeared in its inbox, leading some to suggest the...


EndoSeaRch: A new way to modify gut health?

A new approach to modifying gut bacteria via orally delivered minerals has been gaining a lot of interest from probiotics players, says Aquapharm.

Probiotic-fibre blend delivers IBS benefits: King’s College

Clinical data from King’s College in the UK has shown significant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) reduction for a proprietary probiotic-fibre blend offered by UK start-up, Symprove.

EU article 13 health claim compliance D Day: December 14, 2012

The controversial European Union article 13 health claim list has this morning been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, giving companies until December 14 to get their...

EU article 13 health claims register

222 EU health claims become law; experts predict “tsunami of cheap innovation”

It’s official. Companies have six months – until December – to comply with the controversial European Union article 13, general function health claims register which today won final approval from...


Vitafoods: EU nutra space wriggles into new health claims clothes

Vitafoods celebrates its 15th birthday next week. It’ll be my 11th consecutive May visit to Geneva for the jamboree and promises to be one of the most intriguing chapters with the (partial...

Probiotics have benefits for antibiotic induced diarrhoea: Meta-analysis

Consumption of probiotics is associated with a reduced risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, according to a review and meta-analysis of previous studies.

Prebiotics may reduce severity of colitis, say researchers

Prebiotic supplements could help to reduce bacterial infection and inflammation so reducing the severity of colitis, according to new research.

Gut bacteria could hold key in obesity fight

Modifying the bacterial profile of the gut could help to alter our risk becoming obese, according to new research in rats.

Probiotic research must better combine technology and functionality, argue researchers

Probiotic research needs to change in its basic paradigm, so that it takes an over-arching approach to addressing issues with both technology and functionality, according to new research.

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and...

Probiotic BLIS K12 may protect against oral yeast growth

Supplements containing the probiotic BLIS K12 ingredient may inhibit the growth of the yeast responsible for oral thrush, suggests new in vitro data that supports the oral health potential of...

Israeli firm launches lactose-free probiotic chewables in Finland

Israeli omega-3 and probiotic supplements manufacturer Anlit has teamed up with Finnish supplements marketer Axellus Group on a lactose-free probiotic chew aimed primarily at children.

Scandinavian CROs merge; eye health claim success

The key to submitting a successful health claims dossier under the EU Heath and Nutrition Claims Regulation (NHCR) lies in focusing on one single risk factor, and is the main...

Indian market shows Eastern promise for probiotics

Indians are dosing up on probiotics to counter gastrointestinal health problems, reports Swedish biotech company Probi, as it announces a deal that will see its Probi Digestis probiotic formulation dispensed...

Chr Hansen signs probiotic stabilisation deal

Danish ingredients supplier Chr Hansen is teaming up with Maryland firm, Advanced BioNutrition, to better stabilise its probiotic strains.

Biofortis unites global nutrition research activity in western France

Nutritional researcher and trial designer Biofortis has opened a new HQ that will centralise its four main operations near the western French city of Nantes.

Pre and probiotics in formula could boost infant immunity

The addition of pre and probiotics to infant formula could help to boost immune responses by colonising newborn babies’ guts with a stable population of beneficial bacteria, say researchers.

DuPont eyes increased food and nutrition focus to boost 2012 sales growth

An increased focus on food and nutrition is expected to become a major sales growth driver at DuPont in 2012, according to the company’s executive vice president James Borel.

Global Alliance for Probiotics: There is a “discord” between science and claims

The newly formed Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) has issued its first public statement, affirming that a complete rethink of probiotic health claim rules is required in the European Union,...

Lesaffre submits probiotic ‘intestinal comfort’ health claim to EFSA

The human nutrition division of French yeast and probiotic specialist Lesaffre says a new probiotic dossier will win Europe’s first ever probiotic health claim due to the existence of, “3-4...