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DSM launches ‘Vitamins in Motion’ to tackle malnutrition


DSM’s Sight and Life malnutrition-battling initiative launched ‘Vitamins in Motion’ this week to improve micronutrient delivery networks and advocacy to the estimated 2bn people that are under or malnourished.

“Micronutrient interventions like vitamin supplementation and food fortification improve health, save lives and increase productivity,” Dr Klaus Kraemer, director of Sight and Life, told a ‘hidden hunger’ congress at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart.

“Vitamins in Motion aims to highlight this critical role vitamins play in overall nutrition and health, and calls for finding and implementing solutions to address the world’s vitamin deficiencies.”

DSM launched the Sight and Life initiative in 1987 to tacklle vitamin A deficiencies but the programme has broadended its remit significantly and it now works with groups like the World Food Programme and Vitamin Angels on various micronutrient programmes.

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