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WATCH: What are the biggest sports nutrition myths?

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When it comes to sports nutrition, there's a lot of fake news. But what are the biggest myths in the area? In our latest video diary we asked a panel of experts at the recent Sports Nutrition Congress 2018 to share the myths they hear most often.

When it comes to nutrition - and in particular sports nutrition - there are far too many myths to list in one article or video. In our latest NutraIngredients video diary we asked experts from our Sports Nutrition Congress in Brussels to tell us their favourite myths - and the truths behind them.

Daniel Davey, senior performance nutritionist for Dublin Senior Football and Leinster Rugby told NutraIngredients that it 'feels like there is a different myth every week.'

"But one of the myths that I've heard - or one of the questions I've heard quite frequently asked - is about the risk for our kidneys and even our liver from using whey protein,"​ he said. 

"Protein intake, even in the form of whey protein, doesn't cause any risk for vital organs like our kidneys or our liver."

Meanwhile, Tom Evans product manager at SCI-MX told us: "It's quite an old one, that still does the rounds, and that's that you can only consume 25 grams of protein at any one time."

"Essentially you've got people of all different sizes and shapes, and different levels of gut health. There are so many variables, it's not as simple as just to say '25 grams',"​ he noted.

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