Immunity and Botanicals: Adaptogens in focus

Immunity and Botanicals: Adaptogens in focus

Botanicals are a traditional, yet trending, category with a wealth of scientific backing, especially when it comes to immune function claims. This session will discuss the newest and most relevant science, trends and innovations within the space of medicinal plants and mushrooms, with a special focus on the adaptogen opportunity for immunity.


Mike Hughes Mike Hughes Insight Director
FMCG Gurus

Conor Kerley Conor Kerley Founder & Chief Science Officer

Chris Kilham Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter, Sustainability and Sourcing for Botanicals
Medicine Hunter

Rebecca Lazarou Rebecca Lazarou Research Assistant
Kew Gardens

Eric Puro Eric Puro CEO
KÄÄPÄ Biotech

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Innovation and Trends Editor