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Staying active has a huge impact on our immunity, with regular and moderate exercise helping keep the immune system in shape, yet excessive training can take us over the edge and impair immunity. So what can consumers – both ‘active lifestylers’ and professional athletes - do to ensure they support their immune system through nutrition?

We will look into the science behind how the immune system works, how exercise shapes it and how diet and supplements can help support this incredibly complicated system that has been thrown under the spotlight during this unprecedented pandemic.


Dr Elisa Glover Dr Elisa Glover Nutrition Specialist
Volac International

James Bauly James Bauly Head of Personalized Nutrition
DSM Nutritional Products

Mike Gleeson, PhD Mike Gleeson, PhD Professor of Exercise Biochemistry
Loughborough University

Renee McGregor Renee McGregor Director EN
SPIRE Clinic

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Co-Editor