Impact of perinatal food on growth and development

Maternal & Infant Nutrition 2018

Nutrition during perinatal life can influence development, and may result in long-lasting adaptations of immune, metabolic and brain functions in later life, a phenomenon known as nutritional programming. The presentation will illustrate this concept with two nutritional research programs. The first study focuses on a prebiotic supplementation with short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS, Actilight®) in the maternal diet as a positive nutritional strategy to prevent later offspring susceptibility to metabolic disorders. The second one evaluates the impact of a milk formula containing maltodextrin (Maldex® G190), historically known as safe, on cognitive development.


Cindy Le Bourgot Cindy Le Bourgot Nutrition Scientist

Perrine Sy Perrine Sy Product Manager Fibres