Latest in cutting edge research in Omega-3s

Latest in cutting edge research in Omega-3s

Omega-3s are one of the oldest dietary in the dietary supplement industry. Even with the hundreds of years of history that these ingredients enjoy, new facets of their benefits in the body continue to be discovered.
These include new indications for cognitive health, healthy aging, cardiovascular health and lately even credible tie-in with immune system report.
This FREE NutraIngredients-USA webinar will delve into this exciting area with three of the world’s foremost experts in omega-3s science and product development. Our panel will consist of Dr Jeffrey Bland, ND, head of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Dr Philip Calder, PhD, of the University of Southampton in the UK, and Dr William S. Harris, PhD, of the omega-3s testing firm OmegaQuant as well as the University of South Dakota.


Jeffrey Bland Jeffrey Bland, PhD Founder
Big Bold Health and the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Philip C. CALDER Philip C. CALDER, PhD Professor of Nutritional Immunology, Head Human Development & Health
Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

William S. Harris William S. Harris, PhD President and CEO
OmegaQuant and the University of South Dakota

Hank Schultz Hank Schultz Deputy Editor