Mainstreaming Sports: Innovation for the future

Mainstreaming Sports: Innovation for the future

The sports nutrition market is growing rapidly as consumers look to ‘get healthy on the go’, and maximise the benefits of their active lifestyles. Indeed, according to Mintel data, one in four people in the UK have consumed a sports nutrition product, reflecting a growing appeal of such products to the wider marketplace – and not just elite athletes.

But how does the global trend for protein, the demonisation of sugar and carbohydrates, and the growing importance of newer ingredients to the category like omega-3s and curcumin impact the shifting sands of the sports nutrition category?

This panel session will bring together experts to discuss how hot consumer trends are fuelling innovation in existing areas, pushing the development of new formats, exploiting new ingredient opportunities, and how the manufacturers are tapping into the mainstreaming of sports nutrition.


Robert Walker Robert Walker CEO
Sci-MX® Nutrition Ltd

Randi Schumacher Randy Schumacher Staff Attorney

Tyler McGlasson Tyler McGlasson Senior Regulatory Specialist

Nathan Gray Nathan Gray Senior Editor