Pomegranate and olive extracts for healthy ageing and well-being

Pomegranate and olive extracts for healthy ageing and well-being

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The Mediterranean diet, characterised by high intake of phenolics-rich fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, provides proven healthy ageing and well-being benefits. Polyphenols play a major role in these diverse protective effects on the complex ageing process. In-vitro and in-vivo studies suggest polyphenols from olives and pomegranates protect cells from senescence by modulating inflammation and oxidative stress while supporting endothelial functions, in addition to other biological activities. Recently, researchers investigated effects of pomegranate and olive extracts produced by Euromed on cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive and cosmetic applications. The results will be shown and discussed.


Andrea Zangara Andrea ZANGARA Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing
Euromed S.A.

Stefanie Specht Stefanie SPECHT Marketing Manager
Euromed S.A.

Roger Mariné Casadó Roger MARINE CASADO Research scientist, Nutrition and Health Unit

Emad Al-Dujaili, PhD Emad AL-DUJAILI, PhD Professor in Clinical and Medical Biochemistry
Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh