Beyond The Gut

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Beyond The Gut

As technological challenges are being overcome and research tools are advancing in capabilities, probiotics and prebiotics are increasingly moving beyond digestive health and into other research sectors.

With science uncovering more pre- and probiotic health benefits, the potential is there with applications to skin and ocular health as well as fertility/women’s health looking likely as this broadcast looks to discuss these areas that are proving ripe for discovery and innovation.


Dr. Orla O’Sullivan Dr. Orla O’Sullivan Senior Research Officer
Teagasc Food Research Centre

Dr. Vanessa Stadlbauer Dr. Vanessa Stadlbauer Clinical Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist and Associate Professor
Medical University of Graz

Wesley Carpentier, PhD Wesley Carpentier, PhD Chief Commercial Officer

Kacey CULLINEY Kacey Culliney Editor

Will Chu Will Chu Science Editor