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Sports Nutrition 2018

Sports Nutrition 2018: Game on!

Take a step into the multi-billion, multifaceted field of sports nutrition​ – drinks, gels, bars, powders, shakes, supplements and more!

What’s next for sports and lifestyle nutrition? How are new formats changing and innovations changing the industry, and how is the mainstreaming of protein impacting the sports category?

Our experts will explore the importance of consumer engagement and marketing​ in developing the industry further, follow the rise of the lifestyle sports food addict and tackle key industry issues​ including the mainstreaming of protein, the growing importance of omega-3, issues of contamination and QC plus the ever present spectre of doping.

We ask where is innovation coming from​ and how can the industry engage with consumers over issues of trust?

The importance of engagement

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Meet active lifestyle challenges: put pea protein to work!

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Sports Nutrition: Innovation through Function and Form, backed by Science

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Mainstreaming Sports: Innovation for the future

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