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Spotlight On - Demystifying probiotic origins: exploring the benefits of transient bacteria

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Spotlight On - Demystifying probiotic origins: exploring the benefits of transient bacteria

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Despite increased consumer awareness of probiotics, misconceptions still exist, especially around topics of more complex science. One common misperception occurs in questions of whether a probiotic’s origin impacts the effectiveness of the strain. In this Spotlight On broadcast, we will deep dive into the science and examine the facts behind some frequently seen misconceptions surrounding probiotic origins. Join our expert speakers as they delve into a discussion on how our constant interaction with the ever-present microorganisms found in natural surroundings has shaped and evolved the human microbiome over time. Our speakers will also cover how this interaction has helped establish dynamic ecosystems in all our microbiomes. This session will also explore how residential and transient bacteria are not mutually exclusive and how both play a part in contributing to a balanced microbiome. Lastly, we will drill down into the science behind clinical trials that were conducted in infants and demonstrated a beneficial effect of residential and transient bacteria in combination. This is a must-attend event for anyone with an interest in improving their knowledge of probiotics!


Stine Ninel Hansen, PhD Stine Ninel Hansen, PhD Scientific Advisor
Chr. Hansen

Dennis Sandris Nielsen Dennis Sandris Nielsen Professor, Microbiology and Fermentation
University of Copenhagen

Claudia Stoecker Claudia Stoecker Commercial Industry Manager
Chr. Hansen

Anja Welleus Anja Welleus, Ph.D. Senior Manager
Chr. Hansen

Jennie Milsom Jennie Milsom Commercial Content Editor and Host