The Future of the Microbiome

The Future of the Microbiome

The microbiome is now understood to have one of the most important roles in our mental and physical health and the industry is capitalising on its popularity with new gut health focused nutrition and services appearing on the market every day.

But how can consumers be sure these products have a real impact on this invisible health mediator? What are the next scientific discoveries for this market and what could they mean for the sector?

As the industry looks to assess and apply the newest research to innovation in this area, NutraIngredients’ panel of experts will look to answer these questions and provide insights into how the industry can continue to build on this positive momentum and ensure a fruitful future.


Lisa Macfarlane Lisa Macfarlane Co-founder and Co-CEO
The Gut Stuff

Miguel Toribio-Mateas Miguel Toribio-Mateas Director of Nutrition and Health Research
Atlas Biomed

Mike Rogers Mike Rogers Co-founder
Troo Foods

Dr. Ruairi Robertson, BSc, PhD Dr. Ruairi Robertson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Queen Mary University of London

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Co-Editor

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