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Making up 40% of the global population, Aspirationals are defined by their love to shop, desire to consume responsibly and belief that brands should have a positive impact on society.

They put a premium on living a healthy lifestyle, but they can find it hard to know what’s truly healthy and make it work in their busy lives.

How can supplement brand owners surprise, delight and satisfy the rising expectations of these in-demand, influential consumers, while channeling their influence? Find out in the new Aspirationals Report by Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition, available to download now.

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Achieving clean label for food supplements

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Achieving clean label for food supplements

With the clean-label movement continuing to gain momentum, we spoke to Stephane Vouche, Marketing Manager at Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition to find out what “clean-label” means to today’s “green” consumers, and how brand owners and manufacturers...

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