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OptiMSM®: We Don’t Compromise on MSM Neither Should You

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OptiMSM®: We Don’t Compromise on MSM Neither Should You

Why OptiMSM®​?​ 

OptiMSM®​ is the industry leading brand of MSM that has been a pioneer in the field of sulphur nutrition for over 30 years. According to research, as a source of sulphur, OptiMSM®​ supports cartilage to maintain healthy joints and connective tissue1​. Furthermore, OptiMSM®​ supplementation has been shown to support health benefits from supporting skin health by decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles2​ to maintaining the body’s antioxidant capacity to help aid in exercise recovery3,4​. OptiMSM®​ helps you live well, age well, and perform well. 

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OptiMSM®​ is a brand ingredient owned by Balchem and distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition.


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