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Science pack Sinetrol by Fytexia

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Science pack Sinetrol by Fytexia

Sinetrol®​ by Fytexia®

Sinetrol®​ is a natural fat burner, formulated from citrus extract standardized in polyphenols. Sinetrol helps to enhance the release of the fat which is stored in the adipocytes. Under the action of Sinetrol®​, the triglycerides are cut into free fatty acids which are released in the blood stream and then burnt by the metabolism. Fytexia®​ has run 2 clinical studies on Sinetrol, both supporting the mechanism of action and bringing strong results on weight loss: an average -10% of abdominal fat, -5,15cm of waist circumference, -5,15cm of hip circumference after 3 months, with no change on food intake or physical activity were demonstrated after 3 months.

Sinetrol®​ is supported with 3 publications, available in full text in the attached science pack.


About Fytexia®​ 

Established in South of France, on the Mediterranean seashore, Fytexia®​ creates opportunities in weight management, anti-aging and every day nutrition through synergies of polyphenols inspired by the Mediterranean health benefits. The company picks up inspiration from the fields and turns it into clinically proven solutions for dietary supplements development.

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